Sunday, July 25, 2010


Learning something new is always as exciting as ever.

Well, today, we had basketball tournament and I was the scorekeeper. lol. Yes. In case you didn't believe it. I repeat it for you. I WAS the SCOREKEEPER. lol.
Nah. This was the first time. So what do you expect huh? lol. I'd never seen that gonna-make-my-head-blow-for-a-second score sheets. What the heck was that. After an implicit explanation by the seniors, and some practices I managed to fill em. Though it wasn't really perfect. Yeah, obviously. But then we managed to reduce the flaws as the time goes by. =))

It wasn't as easy as you think okay. I need to learn those referee's languages, signs, fouls and whatnot, the number of the players. Urgh. Damn confusing. =.= in just 2 days. Thanks to the ref. I mean, the uncles, not the brothers. Grr. They gave me confusions.

Dude, honesty is the best policy okay. We don't play dirty or whatsoever and I'm a proffesional in doing my job.

It wasn't that bad actually. hehe. There were 4 teams overall. MIAT UniKL, UIA Nilai, KYUEM, and of course KMB Titans. lol. MIAT had shown the best performance. They were really err..big and tough. and tall also, compared to the titans. lol. they seemed like a group of children playing basket. hahaha. SHushhh. :DDD

Okay. They played very well. hot stuff. lol.


sh. said...

What about ky la, alia? No hot stuff?


aliah said...

Err. *cough cough*
perhaps. one,or two?

lol. :DDD


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