Saturday, August 7, 2010


Just a quick post actually. Sorry for the hiatus, I'm super damn busy right now. Hell yeah. Still alive. Sorry peeps.

Sports carnival still running right now. I'm in the basket team. I've had matches 3 days in a row. T.T Tiring enough.
But I'm enjoying it. :DD

Not enough sleep. I slept at two last night, doing the lab report. Damn complicated. T.T Got eyebag this morning.
YEAH. Attended PBSM too, this morning. and tomorrow is the grand finale of Clash of The Titans Sport Carnival. Huargh. WHAT A WONDERFUL WEEKEND !

Next, I'll open a booth under PSN. Ada float, ice cream, banana split and many many more :DD. That would be very tiring I suppose. No,definitely. I've final basketball match tomorrow. :')) Grr. Penatt !

So, this evening, I'll be busy setting up the booth and checking the stuff for tomorrow. *sighs* my brain is going to burst.

Still got a list of endless workloads. T.T
Chemistry-handbook, 8 pages.
Warisan- kontrak sosial dan pembentukan perlembagaan. WHAT THE HECK is this?!!
i'm reading law or what?? =______="
And i don't have the slightest idea either. 2 pages the most.

Biology test next friday.

ToK test on the 19th. <----(selalu lost and pening lepas ToK class) So, what would I write on that day ????

"dan demi Tuhanmu, bersabarlah" (al-Mudassir, 7)

dan demi Tuhanmu, bersabarlah Aliah.

ps: semalam sport shoes tercabut tapak, main basket ganas sangat. =___="
pss. selamat menyambut ramadhan. aku balik next weekend. berbuka puasa di rumah. :')))


sh. said...

Haha. Looks like life is hectic these days eh lil sis?

Sabarlah. Senyum senyum ;)

Bestnya balik bukak puasa kat umah. Envy you. Wuwu~

ps: I like the song in your blog ;)

aliah said...

As if I'm breathless. lol

:DD *senyum* :DDDDDD

Err. *pat pat* Don't be sad.
There'll always a chance for you. amin.

ps : Yeah, me likey too. :'))


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