Saturday, August 28, 2010

Full house. :D

Well, friends and foes (kalau ada, haha) I'm homeeee ! LOL
Actually, I returned home early this morning, I mean it, okay. It was really early. As early as 2.30 am. =.= Somewhat ridiculous, but you now, if you are only a passenger, you need to follow the driver okay. :D Don't whine too much or else you'd be left somewhere. haha.

Going home wasn't the best idea, I know what would I do. =.= Just wasting time and wasting time. Sighs.
Things I've been expected. I have chemistry test on Monday, Bio test on Wednesday, you see, and yet I haven't done anything. T.T
I cracked my head answering business questions. Urgh. It was hard.
But hey, learning business, somehow made me more aware about the business scenario worldwide. I watched news about business which I seldom do it before. :DD
I wish I can relate everything I've learnt with the current issues right now. It would help me to have better understandings in business case study later.

Oh ya, everybody's homeee. except abg mizi. He needs to attend Majlis Berbuka Puasa starting from last week until next week. Fuh. Makan free doh. HAHA.

Sigh. About the last post, don't worry friends. Am still fixing it.
Yes the wound is deep, the night is long, the concern is heavy but the patience and sacrifices are continuing. Hope for the best. =))

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