Friday, August 13, 2010

Home :D

There's no other place called home. :D
I'm home, suprisingly, I straight away went home, without lepak-ing at Alamanda. Wee~ love you more bro. :D

Okay, first fast-breaking at home, I'M SO FULLED. lol. Indeed, mom's cooking is the best. though it was a very simple dish.

Still, I returned with lotsa workload. T.T

Doubting myself. Hihi. Dugaan dugaan. :'))

Ps.Liyana Yahaya, sila kunci pintu, dan buka study lamp sebelum awak tidur. Jgn takut, syaitan already tied up during Ramadhan. :')


sh. said...


Makan ape kat rumah? Hehe.

aliah said...

Don't :D
*pat pat*

Makan ayam masak kicap, ayam tumis pedas, ayam goreng, ayam-tak-tahu-nama-dia-tapi-sedap.

uh. Sorry, over plak. :DD


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