Sunday, August 29, 2010


Yeah, it's 6 am. It's raining drizzly outside. My head is kinda spinning round, because I slept a bit late last night. Then I woke up early today. Well. It's raining kan. Thinking of going to continue my slumber. Haha. Lame me. =.=

Still got BMS questions to do. Still have chemystery stuff to read. =.=
Well, you know, IB student doesn't sleep that much okay Aliah. Lols.I have to forget those time I suffer too much sleep syndrome. Hahah. Can really forgetting the EPL. Urgh. Not really though.=.=

So today, will be going back to KMB. It's hard to leave this house. =/ Anyways. Life goes on. Time flies. So keep holding on.

Sudah sudah. BMS is waiting for me. =.= Selamat malam siang.

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