Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I can't do anything right. Can I?
I'm imperfect.
I'm doomed.
I'm guilty,

I'm sorry.

I'm done. T.T


sh. said...

Why are you doomed?

Stressed out because of study, eh?

*pats* sabar ya lil sis. Whatever it is, you're never a loser ;)

yana said...

kau nape nih..huhu

Anonymous said...

weyh dude
nape kau
relax la
ape2 kau bole spill ngan aku kot
dkat je kot
kau jerit je nme aku
chill dude
i miss u n F5 too

aliah said...

There's a lot more beyond my studies here.-.-'

Thanks anyway. :'))

Sedih. Tu je. :')
Thanks for your concern.

Lama kau x singgah sini. T.T
Aku rindu kau gak.
Thanks ya. :'))


there's always a little truth behind every "JUST KIDDING ", a little knowledge behind every " I DON'T KNOW ", a little emotion behind every " I DON'T CARE ", and a little pain behind every " IT'S OKAY "