Saturday, September 4, 2010


I just arrived home at 2 am early this morning. -.-' I had McFlurry for my sahur for the second time. It was all about abang. Actually we wanted to go home at 4pm yesterday. But, you know, somehow, thing doesn't go the way we wanted it to be. He needed to finish his work first, so Cikmi came and fetch me from KMB yesterday. We went to masjid seksyen 9 B.B.Bangi to have our break-fast, and that was tiring=.='

After that, cikmi said..

" Adik, baju adik x siap tau, so kita pegi beli malam ni, text abang suruh balik lambat sikit "

O la la. Sedih. Sedih kut baju raya x siap. Haha. NVM la. I didn't give a damn about things like that, as long as I have a pair of baju kurung to wear on that day. So, back to the business, we went to kompleks PKNS, BBB, to buy a pair of baju kurung. For crying out loud, I hate choosing things. =.=' It takes time to find a nice one. Basically, cikmi done that for me. Even though I wasn't satisfied with that. Nahhh. Beggars can't be picky, right? LOL.

Abang fetched me at 1030 pm. Too much cars on the road. Jammed. Dang it. I was super duper sleepy in the car. So as my brother, so it wasn't a great idea to sleep and leave him awake,alone. We started to fight about radio stations, as usual. Haha. Craps. But then, suddenly, he started to ask me questions about IB =.=' and he babbled about grammars =.=' which is my weakness. I know. =.= It worked to make me stay alive though. :D Finally we reached home at 2.

I was shocked to see my brother is helping mak, as I woke up from my slumber. Kudos la abang. Aku bangun pukul __________(isi sendiri. tu pun bapak dah jerit dan ketuk pintu. gila la aku ni)

Abang cuti lama gila. 2 minggu sama macam budak sekolah mara banting kut. So right now, he's sooooooo into movies. =.=' There are a list of movies that he wants to download. Grr, it seems like I need to fight for this lappy again =.=' NVM then, bring it on ! :D

I was just finished watching Ayat-Ayat Cinta. I know, I sounded like a weirdo. But, you know, this one was a great movie. Sedih kut cerita ni. Mengalir air mata. (silakan gelak) Weh, aku tak tipu doh. Haha. :D

Okay, let's start this holiday with good things.
*heading to the kitchen to wash the dishes*

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