Sunday, November 14, 2010

IDK, I guess I'm still a babysister.

Hey. Yeah. I hope none of them will find this blog. This post to be exact. Peeps, if you are happen to know one of them, please keep this low. Not a word out, okay.
There's this question bugging my mind from the past few days until now, is 18 not big enough to at least do something on my own? Everybody were like very care about me, I couldn't deny that. But IDK. They cared too much? HAHA.

I actually am very aware of their job, their business as if they don't have enough time to even gasp for fresh air. Well, I know it, very well and I don't ask to always be there for me. I can do things on my own. Just give some helping hand will do. Look, I felt a bit frustrated because I felt like I'm a big burden to you guys, to think of my needs cause I know, there are a lot more worth thinking than my own little problems.

On top of that, I guess, you guys are very busy with everything, to even realise how grown up I am right now. I'm 18 ! Guys, do you ever forget how would you live your life when you're 18? Some of you had even worked somewhere on this earth. Just because I'm the youngest, that doesn't mean I'm not capable to do things by myself. This is the right time for me, to experience and to explore new things in life. Well, you guys should have known it better. Right?

Last time, I fought with them to actually go back by bus. TT Weird huh? IDK, I think, they don't comprehend on how I survived the 2 damning years in SESERI back then.

Please, i wanna stand on my own two feet. Even though they are small compared to yours.


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