Saturday, November 6, 2010

Reminiscing the old times.

Okay. I know it's me again in the blog updates. Well, I don't know, just feeling to blog this night. I am here, all alone, except for cikmi, who already slept for an hour, I guess.

Sitting all alone here, while doing assignments on NGO, (i know, i sound like a law student-.-') My head could not stop to think of what I've been thinking for days, I guess. yeah. and my mind race back in time. where i used to be in the high-school. i missed that moment. i missed my old buddies. it's not like i don't have friends here, but it just..the feeling is totally different. it could have been okay for others, I think. time flew. but i just couldn't get my ass on the right track. just yet, though. i'm still lost, jaded in the middle of geeks and nerds.

yeah, i know, i'm talking too much. it could have been nicer, if somebody would hear all my rants. but nobody, it seemed. too bad.

dulu. kalau taktau addmath, aku menjerit-jerit taktau,lepas tu pusing je sebelah kanan, nampak anugerah. dia lah tempat aku bertanya. lepas tu kalau taktau bio pulak, ada yusra yang bercerita pasal bio macam orang cerita kisah kura-kura dengan arnab yang sombong. senang je. kalau tertidur time sejarah pun, issha kat depan mata je nak cerita pasal perang dunia pertama dan kedua, walaupun aku tido gak time die bercerita tu. tapi at least, ada orang yang aku boleh mintak tolong. ramai je orang yang aku boleh refer kalau taktau.

but now, i can't find those people. -.-' as though everyone is very busy with their own business. though some of my friends are here, but you know, to think that i can meet her, it's some sort of God-will thing.



isyanadziha said...

kite samee.
bila blur, dah tak taw nak jerit name sape, nak pergi tanye sape.
and yes!
everyone busy wit their own thingss.
sedih. T.T

i guess, we just have to keep on moving without relying on others.

alia boleh buat kann?!
allah kan ada.=)

aliah said...

guess so..

Yea. ALLAH sentiasa ada. :')

hidayah .norikochan said...

al, aku rasa bende yg sama, slaloo aku cite masalah kat faiezah zubir, tp dia pon ada bende lain nak buat, xkan nak jumpe dia je slaloo kalau aku down, susah cani , final wei !

aliah said...

betul betul betul.

aku pun rasa hidup asyik nak menyusahkan orang je. kalau nak carik yusra pun.

ada rezeki jumpa la..

takpe la dayah. kita cuba sungguh-sungguh. InsyaAllah ya. :'))


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