Friday, November 12, 2010

Whatever :D

Hye peeps. I know, it was long since the last post. Actually, I stopped blogging FOR A WHILE to concentrate on my studies. Well, *cough cough* apparently, I need to reactivate my fb account back for another super damn complicated task for THIS HOLIDAY ----> business plan. Grrr. We're doing business on wedding planning, so it's kinda hard to do it on my own. I need my groupmate to do this. So yeah, this business plan ruined my plan. :D

Hmm, anyways, actually I wanna post on the tag thing '25 random things about me' so, here we go.

1. I love music. Any type will do.

2. Easily cry when see people cry. -.-' so don't ever cry in front of me ya. haha

3. I love numbers more than words. but now, IDK. It seemed like numbers are betraying me. TT

4. I wish to have a bf that can write and read a sonnet for me. *BIG BIG GRINS*

5. I wanna learn guitar so damn much. actually, it's not just guitar, but those string instruments. they look awesommmeeee

6. Green with envy with those who can play any music instrument.

7. I love Business Studies.But when it comes to tests or quizzes, I'm dead. lol

8. I do cry at the back, when watching sad movies. lol

9. I barely watch malay movies or dramas. Heheee. so IDK cerita Lagenda budak Setan ke ape ke. ehee.

10. I was , once, a Korean geek. -.-' influenced by my brother. and now, because he's working and no time for K-drama-ing lol

11. I love to hear love songs. :P hoyeah. wait. is there any song about other thing than love? lol *except negaraku and all sorts of patriotic song la okayy.

12. Certain songs do have nostalgic moments. can cry also..(ehehe, now you all know, I'm a big cry baby. lol)

13. I hate 100+. PHOBIAAAA. TT

14. Never been to Kelantan. -.-' so anybody wanna take me there?

15. Never naik a flight. -.-' yeah. I wonder how it feels up in the air. *imagines*

16. Radio is my company while doing homeworks. or it used to be MP3 last time. but dah 2 MP3 broken. hailaa

17. Just have my very own lappy. :D

18. I love my brothers. :DD without them, IDK what would happen to me. :))

19 My sisters also. :D

20.Jack of all trade but master of none. -.-'

21. I enjoy watching soccer. ARSENAL FOR LIFE !!!!!!

22. I play basketball. I'm in the team yawww ! *drools*

23. Craving for an iPod Touch. :')) Waiting for the day to come. it's 4 months away.

24. IB is scary. Agree?

25. I want IB 45. :')) What should I ask for more, right? :D

Okayy, sis this is for you to know. (^_^)


sh. said...

Sorry lambat komen, internet ky ade masalah. I can't even log in blogger T.T

Now dah OK! ;D

Thanks for doing this, dear, I appreciate it ;)
Hope we'll meet someday ;))

In the mean time, take care, okay?

aliah said...

lol. small matter.

Yeah, we'll meet someday. InsyaAllah. :')

Norisah said...

i love u al :)

aliah said...

love you too ecah. :'))


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