Friday, December 31, 2010

Farewell 2010

Hi there, seems like I don't have any mood to update this blog these days. Oh well, I actually have problems with the connection. Wi-fi @ home sucks. Big time.

2010 there were lots of pleasures and pains going through this year. How reminisce..time flew so fast, waits for no man. I do hope I'm still a small girl yet I'm 18 now. 18. Big enough to differentiate good and bad things. Mature enough to do things on her own :)

~ is where I spent almost all day in front of my lappy, movie-ing, fb-ing and stuffs when I've done with SPM. Yeah, not good not good.

~ is where I made some stupid mistakes. The same stupid mistakes. Well, you know when it comes to feelings and emotions, my brain doesn't work at it's best and somehow, you tend to lose your rational. That was what happened to me last time. So, learnt the lesson. Noticing at the end of the day, you are the one who suffers the most, and to think that, that person is not affected at all, not even once. I feel like a dumbass. Seriously. Just go away. So now, my heart is close for renovation. PLEASE.STAY.AWAY.FROM.ME. until the damages heal. Even there are scars will be left behind.

~ is where I received stupendous result in my SPM. I felt very ecstatic while getting the slip on that day. HAHA

~ is where I commenced with so so called IB. *caution* More tortures, Sem 2 onwards ;D. Oh yes, to all my juniors, if IB ever crossed your mind before, think twice, NO, thrice coz sometimes I feel like quitting IB, myself. Yeah, stupid, stupid me, because there's no way of turning back. Well actually it does depend on oneself. If you up to every single challenge that IB offers, then nobody can stop you, right? hehee :) I really hope this kinda advice works for me too :D

~ is where I put my string of A's on a shelf and get myself back to basic.

~ is where I learnt that my string of A's doesn't give any helping hand. Just a crap that you should not brag about when you commenced with IB. pffftt. -.-

~ is where I met nice people in KMB.

~ is where I learn more about Islam, and our Creator.

~ is where I learnt to change for good. Am still trying my very best, undeniably challenging and a lot more things out there that so tempting and irresistible.

So, memang takkan berhenti lah kalau nak cerita semua kan?

Now let's move to 2011's resolutions :

Well, as an IB student, I have a few of new resolutions, regarding to that matter :P

~ First and foremost, must tingkatkan amal ibadah, learn more about Islam. mantapkan keimanan.

~ Discipline in everything I do, irrespective of place, either at college or at home. Because now, I see home as the worst place to discipline myself. pfftt -.-

~ Istiqamah.

~ Do revision, regardless of tests or quizzes. You wasted too much marks throughout the last sem you know that.

~ Never procrastinate. PROCRASTINATION IS THE THIEF OF TIME. hahah skema gila.

~ Improve basketball's skills. :)

~ Improve myself.

Expecting better tomorrows in 2011, Happy New Year, everybody. :)



Aliya Najiha said...

hey aliah. followed ya :)

and together we become a better muslimah in 2011, insyaAllah :)

sh. said...

All the best adik ;)

*Is expecting better tomorrows too. Happy New Year!

EnNa DeeYa :) said...

all the best yea!
without me or you noticed,it had abeed a year we doesnt meet each other!huh~

aliah said...

Heyy thankss hehe. yeah, let's do it together, hand in hand :)

Thanks kakak. And the same goes to you too :D

Thanks !
*Sobbb* I'll try to find some times kay..InsyaAllah :)

nonad said...

all da best =)

aliah said...

Right nonad ! Thanks *bows*

Anonymous said...

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- David


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