Friday, December 3, 2010

I'm home at the moment *grins*

Well friends and foes, i'm home at the moment. Hehee, yeah in the middle of exam, which is just one more paper to go actually I do feel bad goin home todayy. But tomorrow's cikmi's engagement day. Which is way important for me than my killer maths sl paper on monday (?) lol.

Anyway, there's something cute about my brother today when he came to fetch me,

Abang : Adik dah makan?
Adik : Dah la, kat DS td. Abang?
Abang : belom ah, ingat nak makan sesama dgn adik.
Adik : Oh? *loooooooooooool*

On the way home, we went to a mcd outlet as he couldn't stand his hungry-ness anymore :D there i saw something interesting catched my eyes. mcflurry ! my crazy-ness over mcfluryy is a-nobody-can-stop me- madness! but this one wasn't the same mcflurry that i ate last time, but it was a MILO MCFLURRY !! I almost screaming there when my brother asked me what to eat? but then, I forgot about my cough and my newly-infected cold just now and suddenly my brother said :

'Tak boleh tak boleh, periksa ada satu hari lagi. Lepas periksa baru boleh. Adik boleh makan benda panas panas je. ' *muka hitler*


:S oh kay bro. makan porridge then.

And that porridge as usual had burnt my tounge. It was too hot. Well actually I do know it is hot. It's written outside the bowl. *CAUTION* *HOT*

But then, abang said : kalau orang jawa tak faham english cemana?
Kahkah sarcasm never gets old huh?

Alright, enough of babbling here. Still have to study though. Dear Maths SL ,I LOVE YOU MORE THAN WORLD CAN SEE !


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