Friday, December 17, 2010

it's your birthday because today is friday :)

i should cross '2' and put '1' and '9' there, right? :D
wishing you a blissful happy birthday.

May always in Allah blessing. Amin.



sh. said...


Um. Is this for me?

It's Hello Kitty, and it's pink. Aww suka xD
I wish it is 2. Not a 1 and a 9. LOL

Thanks adik *hugs* *cries*

aliah said...

LOL actually I thought you are no more a teen, but I forgot that we're not done with 2010 yet. hahah :p

Hee I hope you like it. :)

sh. said...

Of course I do!

This made my day. Thanks so much ;)

p/s: love you. ;))

aliah said...

Smile everyday !

Love you too :)


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