Sunday, December 12, 2010


Okay peeps, just returned from a 6 days trip (?) and now I'm so damn tired, got muscle aches here and there, headache and currently am struggling with laziness to update this blog. -.-

Well, so much things to say and so much things to share. But wait wait WAIT WHERE SHOULD I START THIS YA? HAHA demmit. I'm always like this, confusion out of nowhere.

SEM 1 was successfully and officially ended.
Hmm, how to say ? There's a bit of happiness yet sorrowful moment since I commenced with IB six months ago. Oh well, I did learn a lot of new things THE HARD WAYS. I mean it. The hard ways. Every single thing wasn't the same anymore and come to think of it, it's been a year, since SPM.

KMB had taught me more about Islam. The sisters there, they were awesome muslimah, their words touched my heart deep inside to feel our LORD's Love. Here I started to think that love from guys is not worth thinking or worth living or worth crying for.

There's a subject called Theory of Knowledge, that broaden my views and horizons, that made me think twice when something is said. Well, I started to think both good and bad side of a subject that is said. That's good, it prevents me to make assumptions and to know that every people have different perceptions towards a subject just very intriguingly awesome !

There's a thing called CAS as well. Where I can get my hand off of books and lab reports yada yada for a whole day. It was amazing to help people out there, thinking of a little help means a big assist to them, I'm so flattered. Now, kinda missing those faces at SK Kanchong Tengah, as I will not have the chance to visit them anymore. Expecting new people, new environment at Sekolah Khas Klang, for the next CAS session.

Dang. I feel like writing CAS reflection. haha. Sengal..

I don't know why it happened. Too much watching drama melayu kot. But I did feel something was wrong with me. Sighh feels like I have more emotions to take care now.
Well. it's definitely all my faults to let you in easily in my life. My wrong to actually too depending on you and when you are not around, it feels like I lost something and it hurts, like hell. So I concede defeat and live my life as usual, as though I'm heartless like always. It's far too better, to prevent another heartache.

So, I've drawn a line, to separate us. So that I won't hurt myself anymore.

Journey of Life 3 @Kg Orang Asli, Pulau Indah.
It was amazingly great journey. I've never felt something like that before and my own perceptions and assumptions about the native people were totally wrong. They are civilized and living in a modern life. One thing that made me sad was there were a lot mouths to feed and it was very flattering to see those innocent faces of little children that craving for nice food to eat. That made me felt very grateful of whatever I have now thinking that at least, I've things to eat.
The small ones there always feel very happy, without worrying of what happen next. But they deserve the best option in the future. With current condition of the parents' economies, I don't think they have enough penny to actually fund for their studies and stuffs.

It was so sad to know, my own foster family, kak normala, said that she need to sacrifice her own future just because the cost of going to further study in the university was something they couldn't bear. With a son and a do-eyed baby girl, they still live happily even though it was far too short of basic necessities.

Here I had given the chance to meet awesome brothers and sisters from UIAM. They were just great and I'm very honoured to work with them. Even it was really damn tiring but we manage to get everything on the right track and this program was a great success !

A lifetime experience---> to witness one of the native people, enunciate the syahadah, which is the first two lines to be a muslim, in front of my very eyes. Seriously, there are no words best describe the feeling at that time. It was so touching that I shed tears right after she done with the syahadah. Now, I am very sure that hidayah itu milik Allah, sepenuhnya.

"His command, His affair, when He wills a thing, that is, [when He will] to create something, is just to say to it ‘Be’," Yaasiin : 82

I'm expecting if there's a second visit to that place in the future. It just a day I left the place, but the thoughts of them are always in my mind.


sh. said...

Wahhhh, it sure sounds interesting :D

Btw, how long did you spend at the kampung orang asli?

aliah said...

Well it was !
We spent 4 days there. :)

elly ellyza said...

wah good entry...insyaAllah ukahwah fillah will saty forever even we are far from ecah other....kak erli hope all kmbians never forget to bring dakwah as sunshine where ever world you entered..MAy Allah always be with u adex...

nk no phone..inbox k

aliah said...

Thanks kak Erli, insyaAllah ukhuwah fillah abdan abada. :)

Dakwah is obligated to one and each of muslim. InsyaAllah, will never forget that. :)

nurmunirah said...

masya Allah, nice entry.. touching and sincere.. nice to know you more.. ^_^

aliah said...

Thanks Kak Mun :) We haven't finish taaruf just yet hehee. :p


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