Monday, March 14, 2011

masam dan manis

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Okay. Assalamualaikum dari Sabak Bernam. Yeah, I'm currently in my room, alone after 3 months not going back. s0me of the furniture in this house has been changed, that shows how long I didn't go back. Well there are lots and lots of thing happened lately irrespective of places but mostly in KMB and some other places.

Okay let's begin with

There was a time in ToK class, we were discussing about how emotion can affects the decision one make, and somehow, out of nowhere, we ended up talking about our decision coming to KMB, commencing with IB, and actually becoming a doctor. One of my classmate came up with a question--Who actually really really wanna be a doctor? -- uh uh, that was tough you know. At least for me.

Suprisingly, only 3 of us. Yeah 3 OF US, out of 17 students in my class were actually very genuinely wanna be doctors. Excluded me. Yeah, I sound stupid, but later I'll explain why.

Here comes the reason. Life could not be certain. It is full of uncertainties. Yes. I know, doctor as a career is not a-just-go-with-the-flow-thing, one has to has the passion and interest in this field because one needs to engage or marry if necessary with this career for life ! Is not like you can backspace or delete what you've done now, to proceed with another life after this.

As for me, I made the decision to become a doctor @ 17 years old, not mature enough, not aware enough of surrounding and whatsoevernot that happens in this world. I thought I've made lots of research and findings about how a doctor should be, but some knowledge about it came after I commenced with IB, how much the stress that I need to put on my shoulder and stuff like that. I felt inferior with those speeches from fellow KMBians.

But that wasn't the main idea, I just wanna say that I know myself better as time goes by, I know my interest better and a little detail about things I like and things I don't . Sometimes, unconcsiously, I uttered things like ' I wanna be a businesswomen' and other ironic things.

But then, I'll stick to what Allah has planned for me until now. I know, He Knows best.My part is to worship Him and serve Him at my best. Who knows in 10 years time we'll be side by side doing the same job together, regardless of the job ? :)

Now, all the Year Ones must be in very hectic condition I supposed. Assignments popped out one after another, firstly IA, secondly EE and now World Lit has made it's way, probably in the next week. So everybody, including me actually are in the condition of emotionally unstable due to lots of due dates to meet, and catching up with studies even sometimes I barely able to do that. Knowing this sem is actually important for our placement, so I couldn't afford to lose anymore like what I did in the last sem.

Sometimes, things do go wrong at so many levels. This sem also is the starting point of every club projects, I registered myself as a Fish4Life member, a humanitarian project. Not to mention, the 'WhisPurr' project, a class-based project this sem and the next sem, that we organize together. Well, can you see where is my free time? *faints*

I reminisced back, when one of my classmate ask me, 'Is there any probability that we could fight each other?' and I said yes,of course yes. I think at that time we are really fine, really cool and perfectly okay. But, as time goes by, we know more things about each other. Perhaps, previously, we just didn't give a damn on what people say but now, sometimes things has changed. Humans need to be understood, we take care of each other more. Knowing them, I think we should not take things lightly. I mean, for some reasons, one has the right to be mad, even over a little thing.

I was shocked. haha
Okay, but don't you think these misunderstandings will tighten our bond ? I hope so, I don't wanna see another bloodshed after this...

(read : bloodshed is just to describe a fight, no pun intended)

I'm pretty sure you guys have heard on earthquakes and tsunami that hit Japan recently. Refer to the picture above. Yeah, my youngest big brother is still there. Watching several videos and reading some articles had made me very worry of him. I really pray that he will be okay. He is actually coming home next 2 weeks, InsyaAllah.

Right, enough with the crapping. Should stop here. hehe


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AxL Farhan said...

it's a phase. we all can go through it and i don't see why you can't..

aliah said...

Thank you Farhan. InsyaAllah.

Hana Napiah said...

Good luck in everything you do, dude.

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Thanks, dude.


there's always a little truth behind every "JUST KIDDING ", a little knowledge behind every " I DON'T KNOW ", a little emotion behind every " I DON'T CARE ", and a little pain behind every " IT'S OKAY "