Thursday, April 21, 2011

Camaraderies ;)

klik utk gambar lebih besar :)

Oh well, I'm gonna talk about my classmates today. I am pretty sure, for IBians, the most important part in their life here, at Kolej Mara Banting is friends. For me, they are really meant a lot. We've been through hell and heaven together since the first we were grouped as a classmates. Undeniably, they are really mean, really annoying at times. But they never fail to carve a smile on my worn-out, drained face.

Being with them for almost a year now, am learning something about each one of them. Now I am seriously, know how to describe their behaviour, their interests, even, some of them, I can tell wether he/she is mad or I could sense any changes on their facial expressions. Well, that's kind of weird.
Nah, never mind. I'm a weirdo. haha

Now, sem 2 will come to an end in a month time, and we are going to go through the toughest sem in IB, which is sem 3 shortly. Hmm thinking of that, am actually worry about my EE, IA, TOK, and World Lit essays. Dang it.

Oh yeah, add on : IELTS test on coming June and another GEM project on either June, July and August. Damn hectic.

There are lots of thing to be taken care of. I hope I will still have these friends, even though life's breaking apart.

Aliah ;)


khadijah said...

live ur life to the fullest with ur frens!have a great time in KMB ;))

aliah said...

Thanks khaty ;) Will do.

sh. said...

Dear Alia,

I miss you. Even if it doesn't make sense because we've never met nor talk to each other, I miss you, I do.

I hope I'm regarded as a friend, too. ;)

Be happy, I know you'll strive till the end. You're a Type B, bold, brave, beautiful bla bla bla ;D

And take care. ;)

aliah said...

Dear Sh.

I miss you more and I don't even know how can that happen when we never met each other.

You are not a friend. You are more than that. An older, wiser, suppoter and bla bla bla.. :)

I'll be happy. I'll strive insyaAllah.

Cause Imma type B.


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