Sunday, May 1, 2011

Of Jual Ikan, Contengan Jalanan dan Distorted Mind.

Well yes, kind of in the mood of ramblings tonight. Hmm actually tomorrow still holiday but I'm here in KMB, brother cannot go back tomorrow, so.. sacrifice for him. *muka innocent*

Anyway, actually I keep these things for a long time, it just that I have not enough time to post something here. Since tomorrow still a holiday, lets grab the chance tonight.
Okay first of all.

Jual Ikan : Selfish.
Well. The business of INTERNATIONAL BACCALAUREATE DIPLOMA PROGRAMME has somehow switch some of my friends (included me) to be more selfish ! I wonder if it's just me feeling left behind, or they grew more selfish as time passes by. To be honest, I hate the current situation I have to face in college. I feel that everybody is so busy that I don't wanna interrupt with any unimportant matters. (but then, it still important for me though). I don't know why, maybe, maybe, I was too dissolved in comparing the situation now and the past, which is not really relevant to be compared. Yeah, in my high school days, all of my comrades (The Valiant) were more than willing to give helping hands, even in the small, small matter.

But now, it's not there. Sadly, it's not here. Or should I say it's not applicable here? Well perhaps."So MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS. Everybody got the same problem. Please try your very best to stand with your own two feet. "

As if nobody is really there to help you. Yeah.

Manner of Speaking.
Well, as a manner of speaking, I HATE THOSE PEOPLE THAT IS TOO OUTSPOKEN WHEN SAYING SOMETHING ! Like seriously, it hurts, a hell lot. We had learnt since we small that we need to be polite when talking. Cmon lah it is a common sense. At least for me. Anyway, this is our tradition, we are Asian right? We're not in America weyh. Let's have some manners. I'm not saying it's wrong to critic, to give opinion or anything, BUT THEN, have some manners. Lower your spoiled intensity when talking.

Or maybe, I'm growing with that so called manner of speaking, that I really matter when people starts to lose that quality. Perhaps.




whatever. Call me those.

On a random note : Reminisced when Abang Ali gave his lessons, ---Jangan kritik, beri jalan penyelesaian. ---
Well said.

Contengan Jalanan - Hlovate
'The man who decides to change on the 12th hour, dies on the eleventh' : The eleventh hour.
Another prominent piece from Hlovate and as for this time. the book is all about to change for good. Maybe void in sense of humour, but still it made people think. Intriguing, how the way he/she conveys the message of changing for good, that time waits for no man.

Because, nobody knows when we'll die. People give excuses to change. As if they're very certain that they will live for a few more decades on this Mother Earth. We forgot the fact that death can come any time, regardless of situation.

Like seriously, as I type this out, I feel it too. So it is a wake-up call for me.

The eleventh hour : Hope that I realized this on the right time.

Distorted Mind.

Have you guys heard of 24:7 and Gula-Gula ? The ones that claim themselves as 'K-Pop Malaysia' wth.

Seriously, they are distorted to the bones. That's why I despise them, who are really into K-Pop, sincerely, bad influences everywhere. Lets try to avoid it.

Well, I don't wanna talk about them or I'll be an outrageous, with some cursing phrases young lady which I'm sure you guys don't wanna see it happens. Click these links, for more informations. Here and here too

Enough said.

Aliah. :)


happyteatime92 said...

Pasal kes #1,rindulah kat Valiant! haha.Btw,masa Asasi TESL uitm, alhamdulillah semua jenis yg menolong. Kalau tanya,InsyaAllah diorang akan terangkan. Mimi rasa bena ni happened sebab course dayah kowt;courmates dayah rasa pesaingan among u guys sgt sengit sehingga mengenepikan orang lain & become selfish.

About case #2,AGREE! We can be outspoken but at the same time we have been thought to not hurt others' feelings as well:)

About case #4 tu,xtau la nak cakap apa.Rasanya budaya Melayu sangat menarik dan saya tak nampak apa motif nak ngikut sangat budaya mereka itu.Fanatik pon kena lah berpada-pada :)

aliah said...

Yeah, rindu jugak. True, maybe semua orang nak be the best kot.BTW, ni blog Aliah bukan Dayah. HAHA but never mind.

Thanks for the comments !


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