Sunday, June 19, 2011


Well this is my freedom. I was just finished re-sitting the most mind-blowing and arduous subject which is maths. Yeah, sue me for being too exaggerating, but this is my perception towards maths since I commenced with the so called IB. Maths is no longer you-can-sleep-in-class-like-a-sleeping-beauty-then-your-result-is-still-okay-subject since then. Hehh was it those chapters were hard or was it me gradually grew dull?

I tell you what, even the simplest thing in maths, sometimes I couldn't get it right. This is just so miserable for me who once on the top and easily churn everything about maths.
Well maybe I was too proud of myself and forgot the fact that every single thing happened in this life is a blessing from Allah.

....and it won't take long for all those skills to sheer off of my mind..

I can't believe I wrote this. -.-
Well nothing much happened lately since I started my journey here in KMB for the third season, you see that? This is the freaking Semester 3!. We were just finished with our 'Minggu Penghayatan Islam [MPI]' yesterday, which gave me lots of experiences. Precious. Starting tomorrow is our exam review week, which means that I'll be going to get my result soon.
Hmm lets pray for the best and lets see whether it's okay for me to choose UK or to erase it from the placement form to be replaced by another country. Well Im just too tired of thinking this placement thing. I hope fate fares me well. InsyaAllah. Aaaamiinn.

Yesterday, I joined my brother and my sister to fetch my parents at the LCCT. Well that was my first time to be there and it was actually looked like a big warehouse or a depot instead of an airport. LOL.
Alhamdullah, they touched down safely after almost 15 hours journey from Heathrow to KL. Even I got exams today, but i still wanted to meet them after 2 freaking weeks of not seeing my parents. That was why I was at the LCCT yesterday.
Mom looked so happy to be back again and daddy said there's no place like home, obviously. haha.
They returned with a luggage just fulled with numorous type of chocolates, clothes and handbags and many more. I was excited to get a brand new G.A.P cardigan. I grabbed some chocs to be given to them friends as I'm not that a fan of chocs. So yeah, it feels good to see my parents are back here and I wonder if this was their feeling when I was away for months!

New semester is supposed to be a new hope. :)


sh. said...

So another one year to go?

Be strong, Aliah. :)

aliah said...

YEAHH !! :)

..and thanks. Do pray for me. will you? Hee


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