Tuesday, June 28, 2011

It's yours :)

Hey peeps, sometimes in life, you gotta find somebody that will make you stay strong. Living alone would not be as good as in some movies or tv series, where you'd probably be seen as a cool person. For me, I used to have the same thinking and it changes with time due to reasons.

I have this one friend. Well, as my mind raced back in time, we're not that close but things somehow tied us together. We've been used to be in the same dorm, same house and etc and those things that made us strong actually.

Well, never mind. Now I looked things differently. I admit that last time I was too arrogant and too ignorance to actually aware of the people around me. When Allah put us together, I'm cocksure that He has something good to tell through this relationship. I just dont understand myself, and life does change, and I don't know why ,I think there were lotsa things happened since I commenced with IB, and those had changed me to a more reasonable and rational person.

I noticed that, every single step I take, I would like to see, if you are there with me, or I would just like to ask you if anything is wrong, in maths, chemistry, biology and everything. You know I am sucks with time tables, list of homework and always forget things like that, it is so that I can ask you, until you get annoyed with. I'm sorry if this would bring any inconvenient to you.

I hope our friendship won't tarnish and never grow old. Not even when we decide to go separate ways after this. I hope you still be there for me, comes hell or high water.

So, yeah, happy birthday nayli farzana, I hope fate fares you well every now and then. I'm really hoping that you'll be reading this crappy post because I don't think I can make any of these lines face to face. :D

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