Saturday, June 4, 2011


My brother is getting married in a month time. Congratulations ! Be a man, brother !

Well, the alter ego says different thing..

My brother is getting married in a month time. I am rather sad. I just don't know why. Maybe we are pretty close since i was small, that I couldn't accept the fact that he is getting married.
I feel the lost.

Gee. What's wrong with me? When mom said that he will bring my soon-to-be sister in law to home this coming Eid, my heart said 'whaaaat? whyyyy??'

Oh yes, they are getting married next month Aliah. Not after raya. Forgot.
That made sense.

Okay. After this, it would be hard to see him. (even now I rarely meet him. Once every 3 ,months etc) *sigh*

I'm getting emo now. I better stop.
I do realized that I'm not that young to be pampered by my brothers anymore. Right? ;'(



Muhammad Zaiasraf bin Zainurin said...

hahaha..lepak ah.jealous lak

aliah said...

jealous? lol

Well thanks for the word. Was searching for the right word but it didn't come out right. :D

Ye la. Sayang abang lebih la nii. hihi xD

salwaabubakar said...

next month is better than October.
kalau fly, August. So, i wont be there. dulu dah plan nak pakai baju apa dah kot. :(
tapi xpe. asalkan abg2 kita bahagia. :D

aliah said...

Oh true. I forgot that you'll be flying around that time.

haha. yeah, asal mereka bahagia. :D


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