Friday, July 15, 2011

Smiles :)

"...beliau akan bergelar suami..."
I just couldnt believe this line. You'll be a somebody's husband? Seriously?? And the picture that my another brother uploaded just now gave me a glimpse on the ceremony, how I wish I could be there watching you shakes hand with the tok kadi and hearing you enunciate the akad nikah. HOW I WISH I COULD BE THERE

I wish we were young forever, I miss you abang, I miss when we were always together playing, chasing over each other, I miss how did you protect me from any harm back then in SESERI, I miss how responsible you are towards your little sisters. I miss everything and I just hope that I t wouldnt fade now and forever. I just hope that you'll be the same brother as last time.

Be a man, brother.


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