Saturday, October 1, 2011

Too bad this is not my laptop.

Salam and greetings to all. Well the title has nothing to do with the content of this post. Yeah it was just a random thought out of doing EE at 1am in the morning.

So, I know, I've been neglecting this blog for like 2 months? Yeah, IB is choking me to death. (exaggeration).

Never mind. Lets get back to business. I dont know if this is going to take some times to write, but I dont really care a thing about it.

Panjangnya mukadimah.

...I still remember this vividly in my mind, when we were used to lepak together in your room that fully furnished with IKEA stuffs. We talked about lotsa things, in the past, in the present and some serious talks about our future. You said, you cant see yourself as any other profession except doctor. We discussed on how it feels like to wear that white coat together with a staethescope lingering our neck. That should be very cool.

I still remember when your hope was just going to fade away, but you still try your best and never give up. I know it's quite awkward talking about this. I can see your determination of being a doctor, even life breaks you apart.
I know Allah's plan is the best plan ever for you. He did answer your prayers, but in His own way. Time do fly very fast. And it is the time for you to go.

Yeah, to tell the truth, Iwas bit jealous. (in a good way, haha) that you'll start your journey soon. As a medical student. Grab this chance, don't let it go at once. I know it's going to be tough there. But I have faith in you.

It's hard to say goodbye at this point. I hope you'll remember me, keep me in your prayers everyday.

No more crying shoulder, I guess. But you said we still can Viber. lol Make sure you have the connection. :)

be good.



naDya SaRwaNi said...

Bye2 atin... :-)
lets grab this chance together with full pride n responsibilities...

To Aliah,
nice words! It reminds me for the past.. And make me stronger than b4. Also, bcome more grateful with what i have... XD

aliah said...

Yeah, you should be grateful. 'Allah will provide'


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