Saturday, December 10, 2011


Warning: This is a long post. Without pictures. heh

It was a hectic week indeed since the past 3 weeks. First I struggled hardly (well I dont think so, hee) with books and notes as the Sem 3 exam was around the corner. I had a good night sleep at nights, watching TV, football matches, and movies. Err. (Just discovered that Block E got HBO, Cinemax and SMV , and it was finals. -,-) ..and Alhamdulillah, just Alhamdulillah. Thank you Allah. With His continuous blessings I managed to do it well. Or maybe I ruined some parts of it, but hmm, there are a lot more to revise I guess. I learnt that we could not afford to worry much, all that we have to do is work hard and tawakkal. I realized, I just understand more of what I learnt in Sem 1 and 2 when I was in Sem 3 finals. Again, Alhamdulillah. Yes, it shows that I never understand what I've been learning so far. :|
Or maybe, I churned everything up without understanding the knowledge. So sad.

Okay done with exam. Right after that I had to go to a course to increase my inner patriotisme as it never grow over time. Alhamdulillah, everything went well except for me being mentally tortured by some of the people there just because we had a different view over a matter. Ha Ha. Anyway, it was a huge eye-opener to show how dreadful the people and the world nowadays. I have to admit that there were slots that sometimes I cannot help myself to stop raising hands to ask questions. A fiery question, I'd say.
Okay, lemme tell you that this course is indeed a brainwash to those who will be going overseas to further studies. Now perhaps you can just guess what course is this. Okay, keep it to yourself. Dont say it out loud.
A question on hudud law, and the rest of the course I was aimed. Especially by the Miss Coordinator. She didn't answer the question anyway, and keep telling me,that she will be answering the question on a certain time. And she didn't.
Each morning, we had to hear 'tazkirah' regarding the nation. I just dont have any idea. I was frustrated. Wasnt tazkirah is to remind us about the fallacy of the dunya and remind us about akhirat? But most of the time, I could not connect of what have been said by the presenter, which I doubt an 'ustaz', until to a certain extent, everything he said is unreliable.
He narrated a hadith and some verses from Quran, but never talk the true meaning of it. He manipulated some words in the verses to be suited with whatever he said. That was sad.

I was thinking if only Rasulullah was among us, what would he feels? His sunnah is being used for personal interests and his teaching is not being uphold by the people. :'( (I got teary eyes in some of the tazkirah slots)

Until, the last tazkirah session, this 'ustaz' tried to explain on hudud law, which for me, was not effective. I knew all these hudud talks were because of my question earlier. Pity them had to hear. Okay, first and foremost. His knowledge on hudud was very shallow until some of the audience had to correct the facts. Embarrassing. And he said that,

' Hudud tu tak tahu lah bila boleh jalan kat malaysia ni, entah-entah kita dah tak ada atas dunia ni lagi'

Conclusion: Dont say something you dont know, chances you'll get backfire are high.

Above all, I've gotten the chance to know the condition of the ummah outside KMB. Yeah, outside KMB. Allah wanted me to know that I am very comfortable, living in KMB until I went to this course, which was only a fine share of the outside world. *sweats*

On another note: Racism could only be solved by our religion, Islam. Islam doesnt care of what are your colours, races, descendant, statuses and all. Everybody is treated equally, that is how beautiful Islam is. And sadly, not everyone know this.

At the end of the course, I was bit sad to leave the camp as it taught me a lot. Who knows I could found tarbiyyah in the most (fillintheblank) place? That was paradox. Anyway, if we were willing to put aside any differences, be it political biases or thoughts, they looked more humane. We felt sad upon finishing the course and we hug each other.

For me, that is called unity.

I think I'm gonna stop here. Acheh stories would be posted in the next post.

Aliah :)


cardio_72 said...

so ur the one who started the hudud thingy huh. i heard the story, just didn't know the person. haha~ well said, al. and frankly speaking, the tazkirah. i didn't hear a thing. cuz yup. i was sleeping all the time. can't blame us tho. its too lame.

Aliah said...

Err. Yeah.
Dang it. Now everbody knows the story. -.- lol

Anyway, I could not sleep at that time. Seriously, had to hear everything.

Afiq Khalid said...

tweet2!! jalan2 mkan angin!

Aliah said...

Takda kaitan. -.- Thanks la sebab datang sini baca post aku.. hahaha

Afiq Khalid said...

sesama! tu tgok kt atas tuh!

Aliah said...



there's always a little truth behind every "JUST KIDDING ", a little knowledge behind every " I DON'T KNOW ", a little emotion behind every " I DON'T CARE ", and a little pain behind every " IT'S OKAY "