Sunday, December 18, 2011

Down the memory lane : Acheh

Elfi and Ammar Yassir were not here anymore. It is dead silence at home.

There was one time in the bus, where me and nana were listening to this song. The lyrics are so sad ;( It makes me think about Acheh more.

'All the things I still remember,
Summers never looked the same,
Years go by and time just seems to fly, but the memories remain,
in the middle of september, we still played out in the rain,
Nothing to lose, but everything to gain,
Reflecting now on things could've been,
It was worth it in the end...'
_September, Chris Daughtry

Anyway, yes, Im not forgetting my words. These were taken from my CAS reflection. Pardon me for any formality. haha.

December 5th, 2011
This was the day we longed for since months ago. Sometimes I just could not believe myself that we would be flying to Acheh today. Months ago, this project seemed impossible and there were many obstacles and problems arose irrespective of inside the organization itself or from the external pressure. But today, we proved them wrong and finally we were going there. All praises to Allah. Before the departure, every members gave full commitment and cooperation hence everything went smooth. I would say the logistics department did good jobs in managing all needed for the journey from KMB until Acheh. As this was my first time boarding an airplane, I was very excited. This was also my first time being away from Malaysia. I am very grateful that I was given this opportunity in life. We arrived Acheh safely, checked in into the hotel and started to know the culture, the people and most of the time was the food.

December 6th, 2011

Today was the first time we went to Panti Asuhan Nurul Huda to meet with the kids there and to discuss on certain activities with the guardians. I was a bit nervous to meet these people as basically I was the last in the family and I did not own any little brother or sister. Therefore, I did not know what to expect once I came there. There were not many students as most of them were in school. Hence, we used the time given to explore the place and as for mini-library team, it was really important to see how the room look like. Here, I learnt to be more flexible after we saw the room, some plans were not suitable to be carried out in the room, and hence, amendment should be made to the major plan. After that, we went to meet the head of the village in order to give the mosquito nets. We were told by the head of the village that there are more than 100 families in the village. As we only brought 100 mosquito nets, the head of the village asked us to visit the villagers to find out who are eligible for the nets. I was amazed by the head of the village, in terms of being fair and square with his people. Meeting new people was as nice as always. We visited quiet a number of families and undeniably were very tiring. We were greeted with warm wishes from the villagers. It was a good time hearing stories from the head of the village on how determined he was, helping the villagers to bounce back after the powerful Tsunami waves hit Banda Acheh back then in 2004. At noon, we went back to Panti Asuhan for the opening ceremony. All in all, there were lots to be improved on the first day. In my opinion, we did not fully research on our subject, as in terms of culture especially the dos and don’ts in others’ place. Amendment should be made in order to keep any sensitive issues stay low.

December 7th, 2011

This was the shopping day for all activities including for the mini-library. Nevertheless, I stayed at the Panti to start cleaning the room. This time around, I applied what I have been doing in KMB where we used to clean our room before we go back especially during long holidays. Cleaning, sweeping and mopping ran smooth on both side of the room (apparently, we were given two rooms attached to one another). It did not take long. Once finished, I tried to mingle with the kids there. Well, at first, it was quiet awkward but things went okay from time to time and I did feel the bond created between us, fish members and the kids there. We played some games and it was a good feeling when everybody felt good about it. I think this exercise was quiet important to myself as I need to instil how to communicate better with the kids as in the future I might want to be a paed. At noon, we started our activities with Fun With Mathematics. Some of those could really solve difficult questions prepared by the Fun with Mathematics department. I was astonished; they proved me wrong, especially my judgement. I think each one of them has different specialty and potential. Everything that is needed is opportunities to enhance their knowledge. It was good to see teamwork during the games. Everything was nice, and perhaps if we were given more time, things would go better. At night, we did post mortem and discussion for tomorrow’s events.

December 8th, 2011

Given the chance to go to the town to buy more stuffs for mini-library and some other necessities for the Panti kids, was awesome. We went to the stores in the radius of the town, and had to use the skills of bargaining to buy the goods. It was tiring, no doubt. We also went to Pasar Atjeh. Looking at the stores, I could not stop myself from comparing Acheh with Malaysia and I could say that those stores in Malaysia are far better than those in Acheh. I am very grateful, since in Malaysia, everything is easy to find. This was also, the last day we went to Panti, the last working day for the mini-library and the officiating ceremony was held in the closing ceremony. The members were working hardly in order to get the mini-library done. I was very contented to see all of us working together, hand in hand especially the painting part. It was the time for the closing ceremony, and everything was ready. As one of the leaders of mini-library project, I was very happy to see the results. The mini-library looked so cute and welcoming. Hard works paid off when I saw those smiling faces of the people in the Panti Asuhan. At the end of the day, it was the time to leave the kids. The hardest part was when I hugged the kids, and they cried. That was soggy moment. I had to control myself, so that I would not cry in front of them. Even it was just for few days, the bond created between us is strong. Everybody seemed very heavy-hearted to leave the place. I am very thankful to Allah as finally everything was done quiet smoothly.

December 9th,2011

Today was the last day we were in Acheh and the event for today was sightseeing. We were brought to one place to another by our bus driver, who acted as our tour guide as well. We stopped by to the place where a ship landed on a house during Tsunami and another ship that landed in the heart of the town. I was jaw-dropped looking at those ships especially the one that landed in the town. I could not imagine how powerful Tsunami waves that hit Banda Acheh back then in 2004. We also went to buy some souvenirs for the families. Things are quiet cheap there. Last but not least, we went to the one and only building that survived the Tsunami which is Baiturrahman Mosque. It was an explainable feeling when I was there. I turned left and right, and tried to imagine, those buildings on the left side and the right side of the mosque were vanished. That shows how magnificent our Lord. He can do anything that he intended. Upon touched down, we hugged and congratulated each other before we went separate ways. Overall, it was a new, awesome experience for me.

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