Wednesday, December 21, 2011

'A Journey To A Grade Seven'

It was an event that GEM organized, the last one before we handed over everything to the Year Ones. So random huh? I know.

Why? I've been asked by one friend to give her all GEM pictures and what are saved in my iTouch are only the pictures of this event.

I remember vividly, this event was a day after ISAC's MKI. Therefore, we didn't have much options but to set up everything (tables, backdrop, decoration, handouts and stuffs) and we started everything at 1130 pm. Yeah kinda crazy, i know.

Well actually, if my brain doesn't fail me, we were given only 3 days for the preparation. It wasn't that crazy I think as Raya event was prepared with the same time frame as well. Ok Raya event was far more crazy. Haha

Anyway, for this event, the slogan that our client (read: our teacher ;p) proposed to us was 'A Journey To A Grade Seven'. I remembered, we were all laughing upon knowing it. But up until now, I am still don't know which part of the slogan is funny.Until maybe the last preparation, our CEO said something about this slogan. He said, this slogan brought a significant meaning for everybody. Well this was actually an event for Business and Management Internal Assessment, which is a part of damning assignments for all Ib students. Teacher said, if we wanted to get a 7 in business, we must do the best in our IA. Therefore, a part of the journey to get a 7. FYI, 7 is the highest point a person can get for each subject.

Teachers are right. Now when I think about it, I kinda regret the laughing before. I know, it IS a journey, and part of it is to do the best in IA. Teacher said, those students who attained 7 last time were very good in their IA's. It does help. A LOT.

It may be the last event for us, but there are lessons to be braced.

So these are the pictures;

If you look carefully, only Hafiz yang bertungkus lumus buat kerja. Panjat sana sini. Yeah, no doubt. He can get 'Best Employee of The Year'. LOL. Others, sometimes, come and cheer up the environment. Good times. :)



cardio_72 said...

nice memory eh. but, until now my bms IA is still nowhere.. sigh...

Aliah said...

Happy moments at KMB. :)

Come on. Let's get a 7 for BMS !

Dilea said...

hahahahaha and that one friend is me :P *sorry menyibukkk

Aliah said...

Lol. Mana ada menyibuk laa.
It was good to have you guys around. ;))


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