Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Rambling on TOK while Fb is one of the opened tab.

Chatting with a long-time-no-see-friend on Facebook. Checking on her after some times, reminiscing the old times, where I used to kill most of my time in her house. (Banyaknya time -.-) That period where everything seemed so okay to you, basically nothing to worry about. And that was also the time when '....and somebody tells you they love you, you gonna believe them..' Yeah. That kind of naive. -.-

I never thought that I would stop for a while, and looking back to the old days with you, mate. Things we shared together, all the priceless moments, secrets and stuffs, were vividly come to my mind now. We're very close, yet it is too far to be reached, drowned in our own frenzies (study, assignments, yada yada) that always keeping us apart. I hope I can meet you sometimes.

They are right, school days were always the best moment in life. Cherish the time with your friends.

p/s: I'm sorry. This is not about Acheh. I was too overwhelmed with TOK. Thank Allah, it is finally done.



C.Ann Farhan said...

Embrace the moment you have then, rather than dwelling again for the good old days. Let your heart feel the moment, not the past. Good day ;)

Aliah said...

You're right. Maybe I should look forward and cherish what I have now. The past is done. :) Thanks.


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