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Twins of Faith: a life changing course

Alhamdulillah, I never thought that I'd be given this chance to meet with the awesome speakers, local and international and to hear their lectures. Alhamdulillah, I couldnt ask for more.

Well, the very basic message that Twins of Faith wanted to convey is ilmu and amal. We have the knowledge and we act upon it. InsyaAllah

It started with the lectures of we are the best of nation and the building blocks. Basically I understand this from KMB where I was exposed with all these life changing things.

From this verse of quran, we are the best of nation if and only if we enjoin good deeds and forbid the evils and worshipping Allah.
I know or knew (?) this but barely act upon it. Sometimes, I feel like giving up doing amar makruf, nahi munkar and there were lots of time I slipped from this path, but I'll try my very best to stay for the sake of Allaah. InsyaAllah

There were lots of my confusions being cleared by they sheikh(s) and one of it was cultural Islam and Islamic culture. Well, I guess everybody realized that most of the people in Malaysia are muslims and Malays. Therefore, many are actually confused by these act, in our culture , for example:

1) Tahlil and Yaasiin recitation: Sheikh Bilal Philips stated that there is no authentic hadith about Yaasiin. Which raised questions in my mind, A big question indeed about this exercise. Well, he is a scholar, who spent most of his time, seeking Islamic knowledge all around the world. I went home and discuss this thing with my family, and they started to say this scholar is not finish yet learning hadith. I was startled. I was just talking a small part of it and they started making assumption?
I mean, who are we to defy a scholar? I think I have to learn hadith by myself, to find the truth. Well maybe.
I guess, this is a problem of our people. We don't listen. Always.

2) bersanding and tepung tawar
This thing is common. I mean I've heard lots of it. And chicken me, I don't have the guts to tell even my own family. Shame on me. ;'(

The sunnah is on the 7th day of the birth of the baby. Well, I have to look for more sources. Maybe if we quest the knowledge by ourselves, it would be more meaningful

Rasulullah SAW did not celebrate his birthday.

and many others. In my opinion, we, malays are sometimes misunderstand on why we do these cultural practices. The problem is that we do something we barely know the reason, and this problem should be taken care first.

Upon finishing his lecture, he said something remarkable, something I never think about.

'Islam cannot be inherited, because Islam means submission to Allah' _Sheikh Bilal Philips

I suppose everyone knows Raihan song? 'Iman tak dapat diwarisi, dari seorang ayah yang bertaqwa'

But I never heard even once, people say Islam cannot be inherited. Seriously this was the first time, and I thought when we were born into this faith, into this religion, therefore we are muslims. I was wrong. This is just because a simple definition by being muslim itself, because, it means submission to Allah. Truly submit ourselves to Allah.

And I started to think, Am I a less muslim now? Am I not fully Islam now? Ask yourself the same questions, brothers and sisters. May Allah keeps us on the righteous track. InsyaAllah

Next thing, I would like to share what did Sheikh Alaa Elsayed shared about the exemplary women of the past. This slot was very interesting as it taught on how Islam sees woman. It is clear on how do the women in the past, were very strong, beautiful, powerful and yet still being genteel and modest. I was amazed by his lecture, when he said :

'We claimed we love Khadijah R.A, but how come we dont know her ? Is it possible for us to claim that we love our mother but we dont know her?'

Touched. Some of the stories he shared were not even familiar to me. I guess I need to read more. :(

And when he said that we are the daughters of Khadijah, the daughters of Aisyah, the daughters of Fatimah and we should be proud of our ancestors. It took me seconds to realize how magnificent our ancestors were. Sisters, we are not the slaves to fashions, socials or another things, we are speacial in the eyes of Allaah. Please, be proud, raise your heads up and lets shine for the ummah ;)

Another remarkable lecture was delivered by Sheikh Hussein Yee, a local speaker, a revert. He talked about One Faith, One Family. I recalled, the only thing that can unite us is religion and Allah has created many tribes, in this world, to show the beauty of Islam. With this religion, only we can live happily and harmoniously.
He said that we could not compromise when faith is concerned. Every religion in this world is actually believe in only one God. They may have lots of other goddess or whatever they may call them but towards the end, they will only have one God. The others, maybe the heroes, warriors and something like that.

In Malaysia, we are too much into our races, that is why we cannot unite. Sheikh Hussein Yee, himself, when he converted from a buddhist to a muslim, his mother disapproved him as her son just because the conversion. His mom said that he is not a chinese anymore, he is a malay.

We, Malaysians, are so used to associate our races with a particular religion. Malay=muslim, Chinese=buddhist, Indian=hindu. We have to remember, this is the religion for all mankind. The perfect religion that we have in this world.

Why we are so shy or scared to tell the not yet muslims (read: non-muslims) about Islam? It is because, we tend to feel that Islam is ours, for malays only, when the truth is Islam is for everybody and they should know about this religion.

Finally he said :

ISLAM : I Should Love All Mankind.

What an amazing lecture from him as this is quite an issue in our country right now. :)

There were indeed, a lot more to share. But it feels like this is not the right time as I still have pending assignments. Maybe next time I'll share bit by bit. InsyaAllah. Hope you guys get something from this sharing and if it happens to you, by any chance, to get the opportunity to any of these conferences, do go. I assure you, nothing will be regretted. InsyaAllah. :)



Nurusaurus said...

about the yasin part, yes, mmg bukan amalan nabi kita. sebab tu ada sesetengah pihak kata itu bid'ah.. apa yang membuatkan ramai umat kita stil amalkan is sebab amalan itu amalan yang baik.. baca quran beramai-ramai jadi tak salah. it's an interesting thing jgk, since ramai yang dah terbiasa, it os more to an adat/budaya rather than penghayatan agama

cardio_72 said...

agree with the yasin part. it's a fact that there's no hadith on it.. on al-kahfi, yes we do have it... i keep smiling when wahabi said.."bida'ah" and the malays keep saying... "wahabi"... now u know, its in a fact,a very good and useful knowledge... we are dae'i and we're not judges... btw. * so envy 4 not being able 2 go...

Aliah said...

@Dayah :
Yes true, I discussed with my family on this thing. I could accept the fact that this is not a sunnah and yet we are practicing it because it brings no harm.
But the thing is now, do they really understand of what are they doing? Or just for the sake of doing? Hmm. This is what I scare the most. :[

Yes, I just knew it through this conference and it took me some times to accept it. Well you know, it was just something different than your believe, surely it will shake your faith.
but InsyaAllah, I will go with what is right, and seek more knowledge as time goes by.

Anyway, kalau ada rezeki, next time. Pergilah ;)

naDya SaRwaNi said...

wow! Aliah...
kagum dgn hasil nukilan ni :)
Ya, sememamgnya kita perlu tambahkan sumber membaca atau bergaul dengan mereka-mereka yang lebih mngetahui tentang kisah2, nilai2 Islam ni supaya kita pun lebih tahu dan lebih dekat dengan Islam...

Thanx for this sharing...
*Nak cakap banyak dan lain-lain jugak, tapi tak tahu nak hurai cmne.. Errr....

Aliah said...

Alhamdulillah, dah jadi tanggungjawab saya untuk bagitahu orang lain.
InsyaAllah, bila kita ada ilmu, kita kena amalkan. :)

fathiah syairah said...

'Islam cannot be inherited, because Islam means submission to Allah' .

Well said

Salam Ukhwah :)

Aliah said...

Yeah, couldn't agree more. Anyway, your name sounds familiar. Hehe

Dr. Hana Napiah said...

Aliah said...

Thanks Dr. :))

ahmad said...

Well explained article. I agreed on some of your points, as a muslim, we SHOULD NOT label anyone as kafir, especially if they admit to the one and only God, and have an iman to Rasulullah as the messenger of God. My advice is, before commencing on hadith researching, it is better for you to research the true guidance, that God has given us, which is Al-Quran. Nothing can be compared to Alquran. InsyaAllah, it will be your line of defense, before accepting any contradictory fatwa or hadith. May Allah safeguard us fron bad deeds, and keep us in His faith. Amin.

Boy Ipoh said...

Baca yasin mkm jumaat its not a must. Bukan satu kewajioan..just kebiasaan je. Takakn baca yasin masuk neraka...

Dot get confuse with them. They are shortcut ulamak. If iu realky wanna folkow hadith then go and read bout hadith that we shoukd follow the majority of or wahabi are not majority. Tq

Boy Ipoh said...

Baca yasin mkm jumaat its not a must. Bukan satu kewajioan..just kebiasaan je. Takakn baca yasin masuk neraka...

Dot get confuse with them. They are shortcut ulamak. If iu realky wanna folkow hadith then go and read bout hadith that we shoukd follow the majority of or wahabi are not majority. Tq


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