Sunday, January 1, 2012

2011: Randomness

This is a super random post. I mean it.

Well, today, 01012012, the first day of the new year, Alhamdulillah. Been given the chance to live in this world for the 20th year.
wait. 20th. Yes, 20. it is always TY rather TEEN. Therefore, I would say that I'm not a teen anymore, I'm a grown up.

Zaman main-main dah berlalu. The zero in the number of 20 depicts maturity. InsyaAllah.
Anyway, 2011 has its own story. Maybe some of it are better left untold. You know, I'm not going to share serious stuffs now, lol maybe a bit fancy about my life lately.
1. I happened to know that my mother learnt to pronounce spaghetti in London, yeah during her trip to London in June, 2011.

She learnt it as in, spe-ge-ti LOL. Hilarious.

2. Do you know my dad will never allow me to drive a car before? Yeah. No means no. Seriously. But one day he asked me, whether I will have times to get the driving license after IB. I was a bit shocked.
Because my dad did not know that I had already taken and holding the driving license now. I mean, wow. That was long until he realized that I've got it. Perhaps, before this he did not know a thing about it. I was kinda upset. i dont have bukhary memory, you know. And now everything is blurr. I think I need to practice if dad wanted me to drive cars now. -.-

3. 2011 taught me to appreciate my family. Everybody.
Well, since I dont really have time to spend with them, therefore every single second should be appreciated. I learnt that distance can sometimes make relationships grow awkward. LOL. I was having this problem soon after my brothers went back from overseas and we were awkwardly discussing things until to a certain time. HAHA.

Well, I have a very busy father. He goes out, when I'm not yet wake up in the morning, and most probably will go back in the evening and sometimes, not even eat his breakfast and lunch at home. At night, usually he has to attend meetings outside and will be back at 12AM.
I only get to see my dad for 3 to 5 hours only per day, unless I'm not sleeping at night. LOL. Therefore when the only time that you have is watching a badminton match with your dad in the wee hours, or watching G-Force together on TV3, you gotta cherish those moments.
I could not afford to ask more of his time when I learnt his busy schedule, so the least that I could do is to enjoy the time we had together, even for the slightest bit of his 24 hours.

I think he still think I'm still a school student. He asked why didn't I wear my official attire when I was on the way back to the college. But seriously, he forgot lots of thing, and sometimes is unaware with the changes around him. LOL

4. Looking at my brothers and sisters dealing with their kids, I think I'm gonna think twice to get married. It is very stressful to see those kids with different behaviors. I know, some of us were very motivated to get married early after watching the fairytale-story-comes-true-video of Deena Bahrin. =P
Anyway, in my case, I dont think I'll get married anytime soon because I may going to be 20 this year, but hey, I'm still a babysister at home. HAHA. Okay, enough enough enough! :D

5. Talking about marriage, my sister will be getting married this month. *swoons* I'm so happy for her but at the same time, I feel the lost. I hope she'll find the true happiness. InsyaAllah

6. I started writing this post on the 1st day of 2012 and apparently finished it on the third of 2012. LOL. Anyway, I'll work hard and be more serious. IB exam in less than 4 months. This is a promise. InsyaAllah

7. New year resolutions?
1. Do more, talk less. Because, always action speaks louder than words
2. Say what is good, or REMAIN SILENT.

The Prophet (pbuh) said: "Anyone who believes in God and the Last Day (of Judgment) should not harm his neighbour. Anyone who believes in God and the Last Day should entertain his guest generously. And anyone who believes in God and the Last Day should say what is good or keep quiet." (Sahih Al-Bukhari.

Dua, cukup lah (^^)

Aliah. :)

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