Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Apple of Many Eyes

I dont know why rasa kasih dan sayang yang amat terlebih-lebih. Sayang sangat sampai tak tahu nak cakap mcm mana. Or what we called it as speechless. Well, this one lil cutie, the second niece of mine.
Very active and adorable. Its a pleasure to look at her, at times my problems seem to vanish into thin air. Even I have just met her yesterday, i've been missing her today. O Allah, all praises be to You, for granting this child to our family.

Well, she was born when lots of thing were on the verge of breaking and she went through many obstacles with her 4 brothers and her mom. 2 months is just not enough to know what was happening around her, and was just too small to even knowing the chaos that I, myself couldnt really comprehend it.

I found it as blessings in disguise. Even it caused many heartache and tense atmosphere at times, but I'm pretty much believe there are many good things will come after. InsyaAllah :')

Dear Aina, grow up and be a good muslimah. Maksu will always be with you.


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