Friday, March 23, 2012

I hope this stays,

Time fly very fast. Very cliched statement (LOL). It is one freaking month away from exam, and it is one week away before IRP commence.

Idk why, mixed feelings I have, between joy and sorrow, that you're feeling very relieve that IB madness will end soon or that this kind of atmosphere would not be found again anywhere else, that you just might slip off again back to the old, untold jahiliyyah that you are trying very hardly to keep yourself from, that you are soon will be apart from your friends, I just don't know how to react with the current situation.

Life is treating me very well here, except for the workload. Lol. The pink flowers are still blooming till today, the fresh air that i breath in everyday, the blue sky, everything is still here. Alhamdulillah, all praises to Allah for these blesssings, despite of hectic life everyday, He Knows how to cheer me up. Even by looking at the pink flowers, I can smile all day long. Haha. Problems seem to vanish into thin air and that is the very magical thing I found here.

Sometimes, it is quite embarassing to tell people that I am fond of pink now, big time. Haha. Okay, awkward I know, its quite a pleasure to look at pink stuff especially flowers ;D

Nahh couldnt be a big deal pun kaaaaan? Hahaha

Okay I really, really,really hope that this pink flowers stay until my parents come here next Sunday. Serious.

Aliah ;)


Dr. Hana Napiah said...

Nice pic :)
mcm sakura lak..ahha

Aliah said...

Thanks. You should come here. This is seasonal tau. Macam spring pun ada :D


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