Monday, May 21, 2012

It was just a relieve, not a total happiness. Yet.

Alhamdulillah. Just Alhamdulillah. Finally IB has ended. Well, I just didn't know how to describe this feeling, it was in between of sadness and happiness. Many said that they were very sad to leave IB, but everyone was gone, right after they done with their respective final exam. Ironic much? 

Okay, I was relieved upon finishing the last paper this morning, but I was not that happy. Why, because my life does not end here. I have lots more to think and it is the time for me to be more serious in everything that I do. Time to be more conscious especially stuffs on Da'wa, insyaAllah. 
Since, I'll be leaving KMB soon, I would have to be extra hard work to keep myself reminded and to get enough motivation to increase my imaan without depending to the surrounding. 

Hmm let's check back, If we tend to revert back to our old self, before we made the changes, beware of the hearts, it may be fragile. Let's take some measures so that we can strengthen our hearts. InsyaAllah.

1. For KMBians, I am pretty sure that there will be 'online kulsem' everyday in the morning at 7.30 (if I'm not mistaken) so grab the chance. InsyaAllah it will prevent you from pulling back your blanket after Fajr prayer. 

2. Search for good lectures delivered by awesome Islamic scholars on Youtube. Some suggestions:
- Dr MAZA 
-Br Nouman Ali Khan
-Sh Yaser Qadhi
-Sis Yasmin Mogahed.
-Sis Wardina Safiyyah
- and the list is on and on.. If you have nobody in mind, I suggest you to try to listen to any scholar, InsyaAllah, it will benefit you, no matter who is the presenter. Remember, it's Allah that permits every knowledge that you will gain. 

3. Learn to appreciate time. I know we have plenty of time to kill, but that doesn't mean that we can abuse it. make something out of it. Read books. Plenty of books, the ones that you bought with your RM200 voucher before IB. Remember, books are one of the good source of knowledge. 

4. Set goals. i.e what you want to achieve, changes that you really want to make since long time ago. I warn you, it takes blood and bones, torn inside out to change. But good changes are good. You just have to have faith, super strong faith that Allah will replace with something better in the future. InsyaAllah.

5. Make du'a. A lot of it. And never ever underestimate the power of du'a. It may look small, but insyaAllah it is counted by The Almighty. :) Ask for a stronger heart, not an easier obstacles. InsyaAllah.

I am very sure that there are a lot more to be put into practice. Like I mentioned before, these are suggestions. :)

Well, this post is gonna be long because I wanna put some random stuffs. LOL 
1. So, it has been months (read: 2 months are considered as more than one month ;p) since I went back home and got to cook meals for dinners. So I could assume that my cooking skills were rusting (read: deteriorated, lol). Tonight, my mom asked me to prepare dinner. I did omelette. 

And my omelette was burnt. T.T (but thanks Allah, it wasn't that bad)
That shows something. LOL

2. I opened fb today and one this wall post had caught my eyes. 

I thought my followers are giving up on me because of the-once-in-God-knows-when-updates from me. LOL. But yeah, I miss you too, three, four and much more! May Allah gives us the chance to meet up sometimes. InsyaAllah.

3. Mom was very concerned when I eat less. OMA. Mom, you should know that I gained some kgs in KMB. T.T

4. My parents are doing good. I hope nothing's wrong with Dad's health condition.

5. Nothing felt better than meeting with your parents, eating your Mom's cooking, looking at your siblings and nephews and nieces, sitting down while your mind is free from thinking those mind-blowing EE IA TOK. And not to mention, blogging all night. LOL

Okay, I hope everyone is doing good. May Allah bless us, and increase our imaan. InsyaAllah.

Muslimah Doctor-To-Be


cardio_72 said...

mantop2! dah boleh xtiv berbloggin balik naa.. haha~

Aliah said...

Hahaa tahu takpe. Rindu kotttt


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