Sunday, June 17, 2012


I never really celebrating any special days in my life. This includes, my birthday, my siblings' birthday, my parents', my nieces', my nephews', anniversaries, fathers' day. mothers' day, bad days, good days, and all sorts of days that any other family will do a gathering and celebrate together. Well, due to the size of my family, perhaps. To tell the truth, I never remember my siblings' birthday. If there's any, many thanks to Facebook and Twitter. LOL

Today is father's day. I assume it's a yes, because I've been looking several posts on Facebook. Again, thanks to Facebook. LOL
I think, in my whole life, 20 years of living on this Earth, I had never ever celebrate father's day. As far as I could remember, none of us ever ask why. But today, I felt a bit difference between the previous years. This year, as I look at my father, he looks very old, he fell sick very frequent, wrinkles can be seen clearly here and there, and he kept on losing some KGs. That depict how fast I have grown up in time, until I almost forgot that he is growing old. :'(

Living away from house since Form 4, has taught me to appreciate the time spent with my father. As I grow older, I felt much much more affected when it comes to family, especially my father. I've mentioned about him several times in this blog, and like I said before, he is very busy with his on businesses and meetings and sometimes, he barely have time to stay at home.
Usually we get to meet for only 4 to 5 hours unless we're not sleeping. :D. They say, quality is better than quantity. Therefore, if the time that you have with your dad is watching badminton matches in the wee hours, or watching good movies on tv, you gotta cherish that moment, for you'll not given the chance all the time. :)

Been diagnosed with 5 tumors at 5 different spots in his body, it stroke my mind like a thunder bolt in the pitch-black night. The news that could give you one shot in the middle of your heart, that you couldn't do much but wrecking your nerves everyday after. Looking at his painful faces each and every time he got stomach aches, were just got me welling up tears. But I tried my very best, to keep my tears, as it might help him to face this test. To become stronger and stronger each time he sees me, to know that I'll always be there for him. May Allah bestow on him with good health.

He likes to read newspapers online, by using my laptop. But several days before, he couldn't do that. I mean, the aches keep on coming regularly. And sometimes he couldn't walk properly and such sights I couldn't tolerate to see.

I hope he will get better in time. So that he can use my laptop and read more news. Amiin.

Daddy, I love you more than world can see. Happy Father's Day.



Dr. Hana Napiah said...

nanti nak jumpe ngn en. Asarani lah! :)

Aliah said...

He's in the hospital now. Well, insyaAllah if everything's fine, you can come to my place. Weee :)

Dr. Hana Napiah said...

Oh really! Syafakillah to your dad. Semoge cepat sembuh, En. Asarani.

InsyaAllah. :)

Aliah said...

He's getting better. Alhamdulillah. Thanks for the thought, Aten.


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