Thursday, July 5, 2012

My Wish

If you have one wish that will come true, what is that wish?

'I wanna get married with a royal'


'Mak, kawan-kawan Adik kan ramai sangat yang pergi umrah'

'Biarlah, bapak orang lain sihat, bapak kita tak sihat'



Neither a royal can't compensate the existence of a father, nor becoming the Guest of ar-Rahmaan. I bet everyone would agree with me. (or, perasan much.)

Today, I wanna talk about tests. It's not the ones that you face at the end of every month, or mid-term and finals, it is beyond those. The test from God. The Only God, Allah. Well, I'm very sure that everyone has her/his own story to tell when it comes to this matter.  So do I.

It just that, going through something that is not favourable, is quite tough. And I learnt it the hard way. Problems come and go, with or without signals. You think today is a sunny day, not knowing there'll be a storm tomorrow. Sometimes He send us wind that blow quite harsh, the cue to the storm, but some of us, just let it passes by, and take it for granted. And we'll find ourselves running for shelter the next day, as we're not prepared thanks to our own ignorance.

Life's like that. You think today is good enough, that you tend to forget tomorrow is still uncertain. The problem with humankind is that we always forget the ni'mat that we have (or had) until we lose em. Another thing is that, we tend to treat the ni'mat as if we earned them, and we don't think they are provisions provided by Allah no matter how hard we worked, or none of our effort being pulled to get them. So, we agreed on everything in this world, (or in the whole universe) is owned by Him, there'll be no issues as He does not love us or He's being mean to us when one or two ni'mat is taken back by Him. In fact, it is us, who degrade ourselves and despair from Allah's mercy.

Mind you, it's His not ours. Not a single tiny bit. So let's bow down our heads, to the lowest level and tone down our ego.

I ended up talking about ni'mat instead of test. LOL. Sorry, I don't mean to digress.

Anyway, I recalled one of my friend said during our daily kulsem (read: kuliah sepuluh minit)

When the faith is put at tests,

'...I do not know if this is a test or a blessing, but I always think it is the best from You...'

Very thoughtful.

So here's the point where ni'mat and test meet.
A ni'mat can be a test, and vice versa. A deep thought would be needed to see whether its a ni'mat or a test. Should anything happen to you, InsyaAllah you'll be able to be calm and rationale as you know He will be there, always. Let us be grateful, of everything that is given by our Lord, The God of the Heaven and the Earth. It is the perfect time to stop complaining and start embracing, ne?

Well like I mentioned earlier, problems come and go. Every single day. Some people might have confused on what attire they gonna wear during graduation. Most are very anxious about the result, and some other are very aware of their not-yet-confirmed placement and such. I don't know.

But my problems, is my dad going to make it to the graduation? Is he gonna be okay during the fasting month? Is he gonna be there during sahur and iftar, or still laying down in the hospital? and many other things.


Subhanallah..please make my heart stronger to face this.

When the faith is put at greater tests, any other things don't look that important. Not even the result and placement. May Allah strengthen this heart.

'...and my wish is to see my dad to be at his best..'



CheCardio said...

keep urself strong al... u're strong enuff i bliv, for He wont test u for what u're uncapable of hndling... be patience and keep praying..

Aliah said...

Thanks. For the comment, and the reminder.


there's always a little truth behind every "JUST KIDDING ", a little knowledge behind every " I DON'T KNOW ", a little emotion behind every " I DON'T CARE ", and a little pain behind every " IT'S OKAY "