Sunday, August 26, 2012


Look, I supposed to be studying about Ireland and stuffs. But just couldn't resist on this post. It has been a while.

Warning: Emo post.

You know, when a woman gets married, she walks out from her parents house and walks into a new house provided by the man who takes the responsibility from the father.
Literally walk out.

Literally detached from the family. When she gets married, the first person to be obeyed is always the husband. Even the father can't say anything.

I feel the lost. I feel the lost when I was the one who needs to do everything with my sister especially cleaning up the house. Cooking foods for raya, (a heck lot) preparing the glasses and plates and spoons and forks
And whatnot for the guests.

When I have to take care on how things should work, when I had to sleep at 2am on the eve of Raya, just because the floor need to be swept and the cookies need to be filled in containers, and also to make sure that I'll go for Eid prayer the next day.

A few cuts on my hands and toes and some broken plates/glasses had shown how clumsy I can be. How I'm not ready for this thing. Just not that ready.

Ooh I should've seen it coming, ne?

Of course, as a daughter in the family you have to go to the kitchen, and clean things up, and cook some dishes and wash some dishes and many other things that women do in the kitchen. Not just freaking watching tv with your nephews-I mean how can you watch tv while the other ladies are struggling hard in the kitchen? Omg, cmooooooooon!

I'm not angry. I don't know. I guess I just miss my sister ;(

I've seen it coming. I've seen it. I think I can handle this. I guess I just miss my sister ;(

On a random note; it's hard to see when kids have to make big decision, like staying with which parent, if you know what I mean.

Reality kills.



CheCardio said...

itview iumc kan? gudluck al! ^_^

Aliah said...

Yes. InsyaAllah. Jazakallah khair. :)


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