Tuesday, October 23, 2012


NO one EVER wished for a broken family. No one ever asked that in prayers. But Allah has set things going, and we have to accept that as a part of the test in this life.

This is quite random, I know. But somehow I couldn't stand this feeling anymore. It's not easy being a grown up. It took a piece of me, and it is tiring, mentally and physically. Helping my sister to take care little kids everyday gave me the taste of being a parent-especially when they have only one parent, now. Waking up every morning and what concern you the most is the menu for lunch on that day. While at the same time, washing machine is on and dried clothes need to be folded and not to mention sweeping and mopping the floor are still on the list.

Those are physically tiring. Which I think I could bear them.

What I couldn't bear most is the fact that the responsibility of teaching the deen and basic mannerism as well as good morale that should be shouldered by both parents, is now transferred to only one parent. Instead of asking questions on faith and things regarding the deen to the father, he asks to his uncle. This includes other occasions as well for example, going for a walk or riding a bicycle in the park, watching movies in cinema, having  dinners outside and stuffs.

I don't know what Allah is trying to teach me.

There was a time when my nephew got some sort of high fever and he was kinda 'posessed' by 'something' in the middle of the night. He looked very ill and lost, and you can see that in the eyes. He threw up things that he ate and some brownish-black 'something' that caught our concern. Honestly, I never ever encountered this kind of situation and it totally gave me goosebumps. But Allah helped me a lot, he gave me the strength [in the midst of fear] to read Ma'thuraat to him and he threw up that 'brownish-black something' uncontrollably. After that he gained conscious and returned to be himself.

And just now, Aina cried a hell lot, until, at one point she lost her voice. I read Ma'thuraat again, until she calmed down and stop crying.

Those were emotionally tiring. [in fact I fell sick the next day after my nephew's incident]

What I'm trying to say here is that both parents are important to children's life. Being a single mother/father would never satisfy the need of love of children. They can give anything, materially. But never a mother's/father's touch. To add on that, the presence of a man called husband is very vital for a woman. We feel safer than ever and things will look better with their existence.

Supposed the one who should read Ma'thuraat and keep them sound would be their father, right?

Yup, everyone has a fair share of tests that are given by Lord to see the true patience in ourselves. And this one happens to my family. And none, NONE of us can be truly faithful until we forgive what wrongdoings others had done to us. Not only forgive, but trying to forget as well. Things are easier said than done.

Patience is Virtue
You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have 
These quotes really come in handy at times like this. May Allah strengthen the hearts of single parents all over the world and not to mention those people affected around them.

NO one EVER wished for a broken family.

Muslimah doctor to be,

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