Friday, October 25, 2013


Hey. Assalamualaikum. I know, I know I've been hibernating since the last post, which I didn't really write. I'm sorry alright.
Well, I don't really have a good explanation (read: excuse :p) for that, really. If I'd say I don't have much time to blog anymore, heck no, I've lots of it and sometimes I have problems to actually use my time wisely.

Not sure why but, according to this post sometime ago, I do feel it is still hard to actually write something beneficial in this blog and yeah, probably because I was too lazy to think as well. But, I'm trying my very best to deliver something when I write. Not just because I miss blogging like a heck lot, but am quite worry that my writing skills will deteriorate which is happening now when I have to think harder to find the best word to use. (i.e writer's block)

It is kind of ironic, despite of living in the oversea, the so called New Zealand, I know that I am expected to have a better command of English irrespective of speaking, listening, and writing, but somehow it doesn't really go the way it should be. In fact, I failed my first English Diagnostic Test and glad to pass it in the second one.
I remembered lots and lots of time when Ms Tik told us how our seniors came back and did not improve in their English language and sometimes it got worst than before they went overseas. She said because we people like to just be in our group and refuse to make friends with these native English speakers.

Well at first, when the teacher told me about this, I was like.... I think it doesn't hurt to just be in your group because you still have to interact with other people like you still have to buy stuffs, and talk to your lab demonstrator, talk to your lab partner  yada yada yada.

But, when I came here, I am fully understand what is meant by the teacher. Truth is, you don't really interact much with other people. You can just use the machine to pay your groceries, you can use online banking to pay your bills and et cetera et cetera. And you can choose not to talk to anyone in the lecture theater, you can just come and sit for 50 minutes and leave after that. Look, it is very different to what we used to have, we don't have a small classroom anymore where we know each other and always do things together. Nay, we don't have it here in the university. And, that is just sad. I know.

Well, I'm not saying that you can't be in your group, but at the same time grab this chance to do other things as well, and try to explore the cultures and get out of your comfort zone. Trust me, you'll learn so much when you start to let go of your comfort zone.

It might be difficult and so much awkward at first especially when you try to start a conversation to the person beside you for example, in the lecture theater but hey, that's a part of learning. Nothing comes off easy in this world. You'll get better along the way, InsyaAllah.

These are some tips that I've done here.
1. get to know people. - Like seriously, it broadens your mind and widen your horizon.
2. it's preferable to find a non-Malaysian partner especially in the lab (or group, etc). - Try to share some good things with them.
3.speak, speak and speak. Nothing gets better without practices. Don't afraid to make mistakes. Even if it's a silly one. You'll appreciate it in the future. I always get corrected by my friend, and it really does help me to have a better command of English.

Hopefully it'll benefit everyone who read this post. Smiles.

I should stop here. Exams are over, and I deserved a good rest. Summer break is coming. Can't wait to go home. :)

Aliah A. - Dunedin

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