Saturday, November 2, 2013


Assalamualaikum. Heya.

I'm trying my best to frequently update this blog. So this time I'd like to share about letting go of something because of Allah.

Attachment. That is one word that Yasmin Mogahed used to describe all the unnecessary things that live in our heart in her Reclaim Your Heart book. If you have run out of list of books to buy, you can try this book. It is a very profound book you'll love it as much as I do. No, I didn't get paid for this :p

Anyway, speaking of attachment, I'd like to share one of the verses from Quran,

Allah has not made for a man two hearts in his interior... [33:4]
This verse explains about a simple concept but sometimes it is very hard to grasp. This verse said that no man is made with two hearts. This means that we only have one heart. And this means that, there would be only one thing at a time that can occupy our hearts. Yes, it is either Allah, or our studies, our works, our facebooks, our twitters, our shoes, our heels, our designer's handbags, our cars, our motorcycles - or whatever this worldly life has to offer that we really like and things like we-couldn't-live-without-it-kinda thing.
Our hearts can't have all of these and at the same time, occupied with Allah as well. No. No such thing. Full stop.

These are (some of) the things that Yasmin Mogahed called as attachment (and the list is on and on).
Well, I tried to find a good definition for it online, and this is what I got,

thanks to Google. 

The second definition is what is meant by Yasmin Mogahed when she said about attachment. SO hopefully everyone gets what I mean. 

So.. I've a story to tell. 
If someone knows me so well, inside out, they would notice that I love gadget so much. So so much. I'm always updated with all the techno stuffs. I like these things. I like it so much, you can never imagine (maybe a bit exaggeration, but who cares? LOL)
Or I can say that I'm so attached to gadgets. Yup. 

And I pretty like the idea of having one iPad when I started my life in uni. When I came to New Zealand, there were a few times that I really wanted to buy an iPad mini. And there was one time when the price was cheaper than usual, I was contemplating to buy.
I remembered at that time, I need to save money so that I can go to this event in North Island that would really cost me lots of money. And it was a pretty important event for my Deeandtee too. 

So after a moment of thinking and a few discussions with my friends and my brother, I rest my case. I didn't buy that mini. 
Was so hard, but I tried to not to think about it and tried so hard to have a firm heart, and move on with my life. 

Then, a few months after that, my brother offered me his iPad. I was jaw dropped for a few seconds and was so happy after realizing that it was not a dream (LOL, so much drama, I know :p)

Sometimes, I asked myself why only now Allah granted my wish? Why not just give me when I really wanted it back then? 

I'd like to answer these questions with a nice du'a;

O Allah, place the world just in my hand, not in my heart.

There is something so powerful in this du'a. We ask Allah to put the world in our hands and not in our hearts. Have you ever wonder why? Because what's in the hand is easily put aside, but what's in the heart, remains. That's why we have to really take account on what we fill our hearts with, because like Yasmin Mogahed mentioned it once (or more?), 
Be careful of what fills your heart, because what fills your heart dictates you
 So I figured it out. I figured why only now Allah granted my wish. Because the iPad is one of the attachments of my heart. He didn't give me back then, because He Knows I couldn't handle that. That I'd still put it in my heart hence there's no room for Him anymore.

Now that I have lifted that attachment, Allah gave me back what I really wanted. Subhanallah, Allah surely is The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful.

Last but not least, the rule of thumb is;
Thanks to this tweet.

So, have you iDetach yourself from your attachment(s) ?

Aliah-Still in Dunedin. Going home in 8 days- Can't wait!


Anonymous said...

:) -uknowwho-

sh. said...

Hi Alia,

Glad to know you're doing fine. What a beautiful story you shared - and for that I thank you. You're growing up just fine, young lady. *winks
(I don't blame you - iPad mini is a total ladykiller - well, for me that is. Pretty little thing.)

Hope to read more from you,
Kak Sha. :)

Aliah said...

Hi Kak Sha! It has been ages! I miss you and your post. Do blog more. Pretty pleaseeee

p/s, trying so hard myself to revive this blog.


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