Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Welcome Home, Buddy

"Balik nanti, first thing kena buat hantar baju kat tailor. Takut tak sempat siap"

-Pesanan Mimi sebelum balik rumah.

Alhamdulillah, sudah berada di Malaysia sejak 10/11/2013. Sejak itu kehidupan belum lagi dirasakan stabil. masih berperang dengan virus selesema dan demam , indeed it is a viral fever/cold after went to the clinic. And I still didn't accomplish much since touched down last two weeks.

First few days, was jet lag pretty bad, went to bed at 8pm and woke up every few hours. Got myself confused with time difference and all other stuffs.

Was pretty tired too because I had to babysit my nephew the next day after touch down. (technically my first day) for a week straight, helping my sister because she needs to go out as early as 630am in the morning for exam invigilation.

Was tired most of it because my nephew didn't like me so much. Sigh. Probably I looked so different after one year and the last time I saw him he was still a 3-4 months old baby.

Some things changed, some things remain the same.

After approximately 9 months away, I couldn't help but noticing a few changes at home. My sister's place got couches and dining table. Aina has grown up and is a very cheeky little girl. The last time I left her, she was barely speaking. Irham is learning to walk. (the nephew I mentioned above). Abang Anas moved to Along's place after Abang Mizi's departure to London in July this year.

But some feelings stay the same. I was babysitting Aina at this time last year while anxiously waiting for my placement for medicine. Still have to cook, do laundry, sweeping, yada yada yada. It just that, I was so tired because of the jet lag from a long journey back to Malaysia. That made the difference.

By the end of the week (last week) I went back home. My home. With my bro, my uncle and 3 other nephews as their school holiday commenced. And I thought I can have a rest at home. I can't. These 3 kids still need somebody to look after them. And not to forget one of them is kinda dyslexic and need to relearn how to write ABCs in the right manner.

And I need to juggle this with other house chores, my DnT work, my revision, and my project also my health.

(also to clean up my house as my brother's wedding is coming on the first of December)


I am now understood why people say New Zealand is so ideal. You got everything for yourself. I thought I could have my summer break all by myself, I was wrong.

My time, is not really mine. It is for my parents, my nephews and nieces, my uncles/unties, my brothers and sisters my work for DnT, and the list is on and on. So it didn't live up to my expectation, and I was despair and tired.

Malaysia is not ideal. New Zealand is. I've been warned. And I didn't take heed.

Still adapting.
Sabak Bernam, Malaysia.


aQsede said...

Aw, I wish best of the best for you. Ever heard of this quotes ? "You never realize how important someone is in your life, All this you'll realize when they are gone from you." Take your time to adapt and make lots of memories :)

Aliah said...

Hi there @aQsede. Thanks a lot for your comment. Nice quotes T.T
I will, insyaAllah


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