Saturday, September 6, 2014

Hello? Haha

Hello? Is anybody here? Hahaha

Okay, I just realized that I haven't  had any post in [almost, pretty close] a year. OMG. And also just realizing that I still need this blog.

So basically just a lil update on stuffs I do now.
1. So I was accepted to do MB ChB here in Otago. Alhamdulillah, I think I should really be grateful, because I know some people didn't get it. Though you think it is quite impossible to not get it because HSFY was a bit repetitive of things we'd done in KMB, hence a bit easy to pass. But some people just didn't.

2. So if you didn't know what MB ChB is, its the fancy shorthand for Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery, or in short, Medicine.

3. So.. how's life in Med? No life? Hahaha. Ah well, shouldn't that something that is expected? Well. I would say yes it is really so dang tiring. In fact, I went to bed at 9pm on my first 8-hour straight day. But yeah, I learnt so much things a long the way. It's really rewarding for me to be able to find abnormal stuffs in somebody,even do diagnosis (though, I am professionally not allowed to do so :P) and just applying whatever things I learnt in classes/tutorials etc etc.

4. Big final exam in a month time. A bit freaking out now.

5. I just bought a longboard last 2 days. New means of transport, especially to the gym.

I think that's all for now. I WILL UPDATE THIS BLOG REGULARLY. There are so many things I'd like to share. But not today. Will do some other times.


sh. said...

I don't know if you still remember me, but I've missed you so! I'm glad you're writing again :)
Have a nice day <3

Aliah said...

OMG YOU"RE STILL HERE. Yup, I'm writing again. InsyaAllah.

Miss you too :)

sh. said...

Haha yeahh I'm still here. Kinda. Many things have changed, though. Time flies, yes? I only have a year left for my degree. I'm pretty sure you've grown into a fine young lady - but I miss those times when we were young! Remember ReCom? Good times.

I haven't done much for you, so I'm glad you haven't forgotten me. xD You're such a sweetheart. Be happy! Looking forward to your updates. xx

Aliah said...

Time does fly, ey? haha. Just one more year to go for you, but another 4 years to go for me. Ah well. time flies. haha

Aha. I truly dont know why I still remember you? it must be some sort of magic or something. Haha. Cheers kak Sha. Do update me as well!!


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