Monday, November 24, 2014


Oxford Street, London

"How have you been, lately?"

"I failed my exams"

"What?! Is Medicine that difficult?"

She asked. 

Apparently I was not the first person to tell her about my failure. I was probably the 1245345th person to tell her that. 

She is a very good listener. A very warm person and comfortable to talk to. She made people want to open more and let it out altogether. No wonder she knew all the stories on people failing in Med school.

In the midst of the hustle and bustle of London City, we found our way to Costa. It was packed with people but we managed to find a place to sit. 

We changed stories and updates on ourselves and everything that happened in our lives. There were so much to say because the last time we met was approximately 2 years ago, during IB graduation ceremony. 

So she started to tell me. The people who failed their exams in Med school. The people who have survived after resitting the papers. The people who failed again, and have to repeat the year. And the people who have already been kicked out of Med school. 

She knows all these people. And so do I. And sometimes it is difficult to comprehend why these people are failing exams though they are so much better than myself. 

Sometimes when you are too overwhelm with things, you tend to forget about fate. About qada and qadr, that everything has been fated a long time ago. That is what happened to me. I forgot that actually I didnt have the power to control every single event in my life. I forgot the fact that it has been fated to turn out that way, and I didnt have the power to change it. 

"Its never too late or too soon. It is when it supposed to be" the time keeper|mitch albom

It is when it supposed to be. I'm trying to find the hikmah behind this thing. 

After a good 45 mins of chat over a cup of hot chocolate, I realized that my case, is not the worst case scenario. 

At least, not yet. So, have faith. 

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