Tuesday, November 25, 2014



"I failed my first exam too"

She smiled. 

The second person I met told me that she failed her first exam too. She is the tallest (malay) girl I know so far. I have to literally look up when we converse. She has always been a very positive and charismatic person since the first time I knew her, approximately 4 years back. 

Knowing that she's always been a clever girl in my batch, I was shocked when she told me that she failed.  I mean, it always make me realize that how your success/failure does not depend on yourself. It has been fated, and no matter what happens, you cannot change it. 

But sometimes, how forgetful a human is, I need to be reminded again and again on this matter.  It is very easy to fall into the trap and forget on your purposes of existence in this life. 

* * * * * *
We had our mocha and some food in front of the town hall. 

She looked at a few children playing and giggling in front of the town hall. Amused by them, she said: kids will always have a way to find something to play with and it always make them feel good. 


She reflected on a verse in the Quran:

"Know that the life of this world is only play and amusement, pomp and mutual boasting among you, and rivalry in respect of wealth and children [...] "

"If you realized," she said, 

"Allah has put it in a way that it reflects the stages of life. First, when we were a child, we really love to play. Just like those little kids." While pointing at them. 

"Then, now you are trying to find your self worth. You boast to people what you do best. And finally, when you are old, you'll gonna boast on your wealth and children" 

"Couldn't agree more" I said
"My dad always love to talk about his grandchildren" 


* * * * * *
I slept earlier than her. She was studying for her upcoming exams. 
I suddenly woke up in the middle of the night, it was probably at 1am, when I realized she was doing Qiamullail. 


* * * * * * 
She showed me around her university and hospital today. Leicester is actually a very nice place. It is so peaceful and quiet. I like it. It is probably because it resembles Dunedin at some points. 

When we were in the hospital, we bumped into a lost lady trying to find the A&E. 

"May I help you, Ma'am?" She asked
"Yeah, I'm trying to find where is the A&E? My husband is in there" Almost crying
"Oh, its okay. I can show you where's the A&E" 
She gave reassurance, and listened to what the lady said to her along the way. 

I'm impressed. She looks like she's got all the essentials of being a doctor. Like most of the things that we've been told in the Proffesional Development lectures. 

I'm pretty sure she's going to be a good doctor. 

May Allah bless her always. 

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