Tuesday, November 25, 2014



"Bila kau nak kahwin?" 

Asked a friend. I laughed. Weirdest, funniest question so far. Lol

"2nd year pun fail, ada hati nak kahwin" i replied jokingly. 

But seriously though, these people here are quite advanced I'd say. 3 of them are engaged, and 2/3 are getting married soon. 

Feeling the pressure? Nah. 

Belajar dulu. 


Nurusaurus said...

We're 22 after all Aliah :) I won't lie, I am pressured too. But it's not like I can go to someone and say "hey, will you marry me? since everyone's getting married, I wanna get married too." I don't want to marry because it's the trend. (also because i can't keep my room tidy and can't manage my academic workload properly, I constantly try to brush off the idea of even thinking about it)

Would it be better to spend your life alone, or with the wrong person?

That being said, at the right time, and with the right person, please proceed to find your happiness in marriage :D

Aliah said...

Lol. Yeah I understand your sentiment. We're 22 after all but I still have 4 years to go till graduation, if God wills it. And like you said, I too, can't even juggle my study with my own bedroom, yada yada so I dont think it'd be ideal to get married at this stage. Haha

With Medicine getting tougher, I think I need to focus on this first.


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