Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Make Time

If you don't have time, make time.

Said somebody, or I probably heard/read somewhere.

Med student should make time for themselves. As I'm writing this, I am taking the courage of literally *not* doing anything and putting things (labs, tutes, lectures, cases and whatnots) aside and type something in this blog of mine.

I have had the urge of deleting this blog not once, not twice but I think there should be legit enough contemplation for me to delete it.


I used to be an avid blogger and I wrote things almost everyday. BUT, at one point in my life I thought, I did not really write something that benefits others and yes, priority is killing me (and this blog, obviously) so I think I better delete it so I don't have to think about what to write anymore.

But. It hurts.

It hurts because I think I still really love to write stuffs. And this blog of mine is actually almost 6 years old. Imagine deleting parts of your life from your memory (I'm just exaggerating). Even though it doesn't make sense at all but ergh. If I have one thing to complaint of being a woman, most probably is the amount of emotions that we have to deal every second. GAHH.


We make time for things that is important to us. Even though we don't have time. I do have a lot to share, and being (almost) halfway through Med School, I encountered so many good and fairly bad times that I think its good to share with people. I think I should

If you don't have time, make time.

I think I should

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