Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Salam 2016.

I'm currently on the plane to MEL.

So yeah, welcome 2016. I know it is almost the end of the January, but better late than never I guess. After a long thought I have decided to revive this blog for 2016. I realized there are so many things I could ponder upon and share them with others. I don't know if there's is still people reading but this is actually more to doing a favor to myself. I know other means of social media are more preferred by some people. 

Now that I will turn 24 this year, I am feeling a bit old. I found myself reminiscing about how great my life before. I found myself revisiting old photos on my laptop and smile. I thought about things that I lost along the way as well as things I gained. I don't think I have ever moved on. And that usually hurt - going back to something you can't really have

Perhaps one of the reasons I want to revive this blog is to recreate/re-experience the feelings I had before, once where I really was very eager to share things with people in this blog. Though I quite doubt that I could feel it once again.  But I should try. 

It's going to be my fourth year in Otago this year. Time sure does fly really fast. I can't believe myself. I wonder what impact I had to the people around me, especially in Dunedin. Not sure if I had done enough. 

I look forward to everything on my plate this year. Hope it will be a great year ahead. 


sh. said...

*waves* I'm still here. Haha, it seems like I can't move on either. We're adults now, yet I still miss 2009. To be fair though, those were good days, weren't they? :) We were so young then.

Ugh I sound like an old makcik. Lol. Anyways. I'm glad you're doing well and med school hasn't driven you crazy yet (?). xD
I wish you happiness and success in whatever you decide to do. May 2016 be a better year for us both. xx

P/s Sorry to be barging into your comment section. I don't even know if you still remember me. I tend to get overly attached (and we're practically strangers. Uh oh). I don't mean to be creepy. I just genuinely wish you well. :)

Anonymous said...

Keep on writing! Best of luck!

Aliah Asarani said...

OMG! What are you now? A pharmacist? hahaha OMG its been ages since we say hi to each other, but heyyy I'm back in here!

Thanks for the wishes and may everything be good for you too!

p/s: Hahaha yeah we're *practically* strangers though, you're right ;)

Thanks! will try my best to keep writing :)


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