Tuesday, November 29, 2016


Day 4

Rumour had it, Mr W had been on call in the past three weekends, and I assumed he would have his on call day as usual as well.

That kind of timetable, my friend, was unusual, and crazy as.

Why did I start with this? Because, surprise surprise, Mr W was on call today (Thursday), and that means I was on call too. I was maybe a bit denial that morning when he came to handover and took over overnight cases. But, yeah, we were on call.


That means another long day for me.

One thing I learnt this time, just suck it up, and move on. Rants, complaints, they were not gonna change anything, they were not gonna change the fact that today we were on call. I went down to ED and of course I had to meet JH today as he was the house surgeon on call.

Well, today, “just suck it up, and move on” was probably my line of the day. I went down to ED, just went straight to the computer to look for patients who need a surgical consult, and went straight to the patient and started taking Hx and stuffs. I was half-avoiding, half-ignoring JH. Just half, because I needed to present and discuss the patient to him anyway.

So, I did present the patient to him, he took me to another room, away from the noisy, busy ED and said:

“your presentation is better than most of your colleagues” “you just need to yada yada yada”

I was like, was he complimenting me? Puzzled.

Yeah, I was…actually wrong about him. He wasn’t being mean today. He was nice enough to help me with my learning. He just doesn’t smile. Maybe it was just his character.

Just half an hour before I went to ED, I had a conversation with my friend. And I said to him, “I don’t like JH”

Yeah, I know. People say, never judge a book by its cover

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