Monday, November 28, 2016


Day 3

Wednesdays are our main operating day (Main Operating Theatre -MOT). I knew it since on Monday when I chose to go with Mr W to day surgery unit. We had a brief chat just to know the team’s schedule. Mr W said Prof M (another consultant in the team, but doesn’t really involve with teaching) and him will be doing surgeries in separate theatres. So, I could choose which one to go. I went to Mr W’s theatre on that day, because it would be more sensible as he was the one who will be responsible about my learning or rather the person that I need to show my face to.

It was early in the morning. We whizzed through the ward round, in fact the team splitted up into two so that we could finish early and go straight to theatre. Still feeling a bit heavy-hearted, not feeling like it, but I went to theatre anyway.  Because that what I should do. Of course, what else should I do in surgery run?

The theatre, was awkward that morning. Or, it was just me being awkward that morning. Mr W was searching for the TI before he started the surgery, not his 4th year. Well, of course, why would he search for me? But his registrar saw me at the back and told him I was there. He looked at me and quickly asked me to scrub in. Well, good thing was, the nurses didn’t pick on me on the way I scrub this time around, like they always do. Maybe because I was the only 4th year there. Or just couldn’t be bother looking at students anymore.
I knew that Mr W is a colorectal surgeon. So most of the things he does are usually cancer stuffs, hemicolectomy etc etc. I’ve kinda forgotten how long would those kinds of surgery would take. Well, today, this one, took six hours long.

So for six hours, I was in there all the time. So, I found out, the perks of being the only 4th year in the team was I could be in the theatre as long as I want to. Having said that, I had to stand for six hours because I was the only 4th year, I couldn’t take turn with no one. That was what usually happened, there were two or three students in the team, we should take turn in going to theatres so that everyone has the same chance in watching the surgeries. So I was in there, helping, retracting, pulling some stuffs and half of the time doing nothing (and still had to stand there, if need be for me to help).

Good thing was, this time around I wasn’t really being that awkward in the presence of the surgeon, the registrar, nurses etc. I tried to be more confident in my own skin, and tried to seize any opportunity to learn. I was moving my feet because they were darn sore. Mr W, didn’t really talk to me much, as he was concentrating on the surgery. Only a few important things like, “here’s the tumour, you should feel it etc”

Just right at the end, he was asking me which team I was on before and what did I do to deserve the extra, “bonus” as what Mr W put it, 2 weeks of surgery. I was tired, and didn’t really say much, didn’t really want to talk about it either.

Surgery was finished, I went down to the ward, helping with some ward jobs. I went back home, went to bed at 7pm, woke up a few times to do my prayer – as they day getting longer in spring, the prayer times were quite far apart between each other. 

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