Wednesday, December 21, 2016


Day 5

I already knew the surprise for today on yesterday evening. Mr W just finished updating his patients from SN the HO and because SN was also on call yesterday I was tagging along with him, hence I was there when SN updating Mr W’s patients. Mr W pointed his finger to me and said: We have another surgery just like the other one we had on Wednesday. You will help retracting tomorrow. I said yes. He also asked me to have a patient to present the next day before he left.

So today, we whizzed through ward round because we needed to rush into surgery right after. I admitted a patient yesterday so I needed to present to Mr W. Mr W’s phone was ringing a few times indicating the patient in the theatre was ready for him. At this point I didn’t think we would finish ward round and it hadn’t even reach the patient I admitted. However, things happened, I did present my patient and Mr W didn’t really ask much as he was in a rush.

It was a good thing. Some of my team members congratulated me, saying my presentation was “good”. I think I could have done better. But never mind.

I went to the theatre and helped to prep the patient before surgery. The nurse asked me if I already had my breakfast this morning because it was gonna be a long surgery. I said “yes, I’ve been warned” to her. The surgery was exactly the same as we had on Wednesday, so I knew what to expect and which part I should help. BI the locum reg was assisting, not much of a chatter, neither did I or Mr W. So, the surgery was quiet. We finished at about half past 3 in the afternoon. I went down to have my lunch and tried to find some ward work to do but the TI said to me: “go home, rest and come tomorrow at 8. We are on call this weekend”
I was too tired to react to on calls anymore. It was ridiculous but who am I to say; hey, I am not gonna come in this weekend because I couldn’t be bother anymore cause I’m too darn tired.

I went back home, and went straight to bed at around 5pm.

Day 6

I reluctantly woke up this morning, went to the hospital to find out that it wasn’t Mr W nor Mr L nor Mr M who was on call today. It was another team. I felt really annoyed. It was my former consultant who was on call. Obviously, I didn’t have to be here, I didn’t want to be here. So, I figured I might as well do something since I was in hospital today. I visited the patient I admitted yesterday, she was scheduled to go to theatre today. I was contemplating whether to go or not. It would be an interesting case. But…..nah. Too tired.

Too tired, but I decided to read on surgical stuffs because going back to sleep is just too mainstream. Yeah, my logic.

Day 7

Day off.

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